Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Women Are Children

At least they are treated as such by our society... so why should we be suprised... when female adults abandon even the pretense of adult behavior?

If you click the link you'll read about grown women taking real looking dolls to play dates and to the park... you know.. just like they did when they were 6.

I would like to say I'm suprised by this... but I'm not. Not even a little bit... after all... as we learned from the Boston Globe... living in cities makes you stupid... and well... small town girls have real babies.


Ebay has an entire catagory dedicated to these psycho women and their psycho practices! And a friend just informed me that she has a family member that actually does this! She has one of these attrocities! She has parties for it and crap!

My eyes are bleeding.

Pray for rain. 40 days of rain.

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