Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Biker Gang Democracy

We were sittin' on a rock wall at this unbelievable overlook on Highway 28 in North Carolina when Irony road up on a Harley Roadking. The Irony in question turned out to be a big bald dude named Train Wreck... who apparently was the President of the Enforcers of Orlando.

Now... Obviously biker gangs have fallen a long way if they've resorted to electing presidents... but that's a discussion for another day. Train Wreck turned out to be a well spoken, polite, and down right useful fellow. Turns out he and his ol' lady were out for a ride, and were following a path laid out in a book called Motorcycle Adventures.

Bikers.... following tourist books?


Like I said... biker gangs ain't what they used to be.

Anyway he told us they were going to see a waterfall that you could ride under. Which sounded pretty cool to us... and we had no idea where we were going... so we figured we'd try to find it.

Turns out we beat ol' Train Wreck there. Even after taking a wrong turn and stopping for a lengthy Carolina Barbecue. Ah well.. I tell ya... its not an adventure until ya get directions from some cat named Train Wreck... even if he was a "president".

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