Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eight Belles Part II

As Johnny Cash once sang... I'm a very worried man.

If you've been under a rock the last couple weeks you are probably un-aware... but otherwise surely you know that yet another promising filly will run with the boys in a triple crown race. Just two weeks ago Rachael Alexandra won the Kentucky Oaks by 20 lengths.

Now you have to understand... that doesn't mean she wasn't trying. She's special. She knows one speed... GOOOOO! Before the Oaks she frequently fought her training riders. She simply has to run. Deep down inside... she has a burning desire to run flat out... and she will run... until she dies.

Just like Eight Belles in last year's Derby. She was would beat Big Brown or die trying. We all saw how that ended.

Now... on just two weeks rest... Rachael Alexandra will trot out against the boys.

The media crush has been unbelievable. Bo-Rail has shunned the Derby winner to ride her. That's something that has never happened before. She's the only horse anyone is talking about.

Now keep that media glare in mind when you consider this... there is a towering mountain evidence that clearly states the folly of running a filly in amongst a group of males. The pheromones skyrocket... and it clearly freaks the girls out.


What happens when the whole world is watching... and the famous and glamorous Rachael Alexandra is put down on the track after she ran herself to death trying to catch the bursting Mine That Bird?

I'm very worried. I'm very very worried.

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