Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ceremonies and Old White Men

The trip began as so many do... blasting up I-40 at reasonable if not legal speeds. The new RT and I were not yet close friends... more like co-workers... at least at this early stage. That would all change.

After fighting our way through Nashville things loosened up and I had time to experiment with her farkles. With the touch of a button her automatic windshield rotates up to the perfect position. While moving at 80mph on an interstate... I feel no wind blast... and instead have a mild pressure from behind... like a strong tail wind. God those krout engineers are amazing.
On the interstate the is an subtle seperation between the rider and the road. Because of the tail wind effect... and the electric smooth motor... and the magicly effective suspension... one gets the feeling he's flying. Weightlessness is the only way I know how to describe it. A backrest of pure wind supports you... and the corbin seat below is pure Heaven. I made knoxville in no time.
I met JAC off the by pass and we grabbed some eats while we formulated our plan of attack. We decided we'd slay the Dragon first... bed down in Robinsville and then roll for Savannah the next day. Well... we were partly right.

After a scenic tour of the UT campus and downtown Knoxville... complete with a view of the Body Farm, we hit 129 south and made for the Tail.

Now I've blogged about the Dragon extensively. No reason to repeat it all here. Suffice it to say that it still has 318 curves in 11 miles... and they are all still banked perfectly.

Before long we found ourselves in Robinsville... eating country cookin' like you may never have seen. The fine lady actually went so far as to take a huge ham steak and throw it on the grill like a damned ribeye and grill it for me. That's livin' boys.

Now JAC has blogged well on the second day of the trip... you can read it here.

Friday... now Friday was the day... maybe the best day I've ever spend on asphault. I'm about out of time... I'll add more to the post later... until then... just more pictures.

Wow... check out that rock face..
Hey... is that a water fall over there?
Hey... lets ride under it!

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