Friday, August 28, 2009

ATF: Greek Fire

So I was showing Welldigger the catapult... and he was duly impressed... when it occured to me... Its gonna get dark soon... and we could recreate greek fire! Woot!
So if you look at the picture to the left you'll see the basic ingredients we started with. We planned to take cotton balls... soak them in... well... various things... light them... and launch them... in the general direction of the house across the street.
What did we learn?
Lamp oil seemed like the best bet before we got started but it proved entertaining... but unpredictable. More often than not the fire would be extinquished during the launch.
Lighter fluid worked far better... but eventually we ditched the cottonballs completely in favor of balled up aluminum foil with smokeless powder inside. IMR 3031 for anyone who's keeping score. Again.. this was entertaining.. but ultimately it didn't get the job done.
Finally we moved on to a wood cylinder with a hole drilled into it. We'd dowse the whole thing in lighter fluid... filling the hole as well.. then construct a small fuse from aluminum foil. The results were quite satisfying. we achieved excellent distance... and the fire spread itself about upon impact in a most enjoyable fashion.

Well... how did you spend your Friday night?

A: Shiner Bock

T: Backwoods

F: Taurus PT-101

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