Monday, August 03, 2009

So You Hate Feminism

Good. So do I. But who do you blame for it? Do you blame the feminists with their stupid ideas and destructive visions?

I blame men. Yep. I'm a man basher.

Why do I blame men? Because God didn't put Eve in charge. He gave Adam the responsibility. And just as Adam's failures caused Eve to stray... so have the failures of western men caused women to stray.

The results are the same. Things fall apart.

Men complain about society being feminized? Well why is that happening? Its happening because we men are throwing up our hands and giving in. We're allowing it to happen. We point out all manner of excuses... but in the end it all comes down to our own refusal to work and fight.

So the church has become a gossip club for the girls? I agree. It has. And who's fault is that? Ours. And who is going to be charged with fixing it? We are.

This is my advice...

Stop bitching. Start leading.

Lead your family. It starts there. Bringing in a paycheck doesn't make you a leader. Its about making the tough decisions and accepting responsibility for the mistakes. Everything is your fault. Everything is your responsibility.


Because you're the man. You're the leader. You can take it.

Say yes when you can. Say no when you must. Always be accountible. Always takes responsibility for your actions, and the mistakes of others as well.

So who is the more foolish? The feminist that demands to drive... or the man that hands her the keys?

Western men have checked out. Its time to check back in.

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