Monday, October 05, 2009

Never Dial 911

If this story doesn't convince you that the cops ain't on your side... nothing will. I know its long but trust me... you need to read it.

To sum it up... a family is at home when a dude crashes through their living room window and runs into their son's bedroom. Daddy grabs a gun and goes there and holds the dude while they call 911.

As a bunch of officers run up to the house Mommy grabs one and explains the situation... and then they hear gun shots.

One of the cops has just shot Daddy in the back... 6 times... while he still had 911 on the line!

The best news?

The 911 recording picked up everything the cops said as they discussed how they would cover up the shooting.

The facts of the case are amazing. What they did to the man they just shot while they were paniced and trying to figure out how to cover it up... its just bizarre.

Its just further evidence... NWA was right.


Holy Shit! They got away with it!

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