Sunday, October 04, 2009

Worstest Written Communication Ever

Look... I realize this blog ain't a paradigm of proper spelling... but we have some standards. I can't say the same for the author of the trainwreck that follows. Remember... this is a real ad posted on the net.

"samic bass pearl white 4 string rose wood fret bord asking 160.00 also have electric acustic bass carlo rebbeli black 2 littil niks but not bad been fix 1500.00 ill send pick if your interested in eathere one.also have black speshal edition epephone nice one of my babys 350.00 .also have an older small boddy acustic guitar $75.00 nice .also have a 1980's firebird gibsun matalic red exselent shape 450.00 .also have 3 efex pedles ones DOD FX40B equalizer 8 band's on it 35.00 / 2nd one is DOD FX25 envelope filter 45.00/3rd one is arion sfl-1 not shere what it is its got rate/depth/manual/feedback also can go frum direct or sterio switch 20.00 & i have small B/C ritch amp nice new only been use to show it works & about 20 minuts of playing on it for my self.i have violin you would half to come look at it 300.00 mandelin 250.00 bouth frum grmany i beleav an electonic ametranome 25.00 an old 30's trumpet need work 45.00 slide trumbone 45.00 4 drum skins encor new 35.00 in box .also may trade for somthing im interested in. every thing i sell is to bild use an addition to the house & pay bills so the munny you spend is for good coz were in need of 3 bed rooms"

Seriously? bouth frum grmany I beleav? What f'ing language is that? And what the hell is a "gibsun matalic red exselent shape"? The most shocking thing was the fact that he managed to spell "shape" correctly.

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