Thursday, October 08, 2009

Proof of Inflation


You think it we're rolling down the deflationist path eh? Now remember... Gold hit its all time high yesterday... again. The deflationists of course claim this is because countries are scrambling to gold to get away from the dollar.


But if that's the case then explain these facts: it is more than 30 per cent below its highs in Australian dollar terms, 15 per cent lower in yen terms and 6 per cent lower in sterling terms. Now if deflation were actually happening... you'd see it at the grocery store. You don't. A 12 pack of cokes for example is 7 freakin' bucks! Almost double what it was just 2 years ago. I don't know if you've noticed... but the you can still by a coke for 99 cents at the convenience store on the corner... but its only 16 ounces... not 20. They shrunk the bottle. The 20 ounce is now a $1.50!

And yes... I understand that the MSM is putting out all manner of articles about low prices. Fact is they are poorly researched pipe dreams. Prices are going up. Not down. In fact the only thing that is seeing steady prices instead of spikes is Natural Gas... and that is directly related to a massive spike in supply.

In spite of all this imaginary money disappearing into thin air... we're seeing inflation. Not deflation.

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