Friday, August 19, 2011

Time for an ATF post eh boys?

Indeed. On with it then.

A: A is for AmberBock. At least tonight it is. I would be imbibing with something a little stouter I suppose but I'm on my own with the boys.

T: Pipesmoke boys... Pipe smoke. Cavendish of some sort... I have no idea. I do love a fine pipe though. The ritual of the thing... the packing and mucking about. The fuss of it is extremely relaxing.

F: Shot my neighbor's dog today for attacking my peafowl and chickens. After the first attack... my neighbor drove up to my place... in nothing but boxers mind you... and said, "I saw that fucking dog of mine chasin' ya birds. Here's my pistol. You shoot that mother fucker if he does it again." I smiled and declined... I pointed out that I had plenty of pistols of my own but I appreciated that he understood. A while later the dog was over there again and nearly killed a chicken. .357 went bang. My neighbor offered me a beer and said, "Motherfucker had it comin'." Welcome to the rural south.

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