Friday, August 12, 2011


How about some tunes for the occasion?

Yeah... That will do. So one with it then.

A)Modelo Especial to start... but I have some Makers 46 that is calling my name. If you haven't tried it yet... you're simply a philistine. Get thee hence!!!

T) For fathers day I was given a rather spectacular gift... a Ghurka Spec Ops special edition gift set. It came with a bunch of special edition Ghurka cigars... in a pelican case... along with a cool khukuri and thigh sheath. It even came with a sweet commemorative coin. The add-ons are sweet... but its all about the cigars... and they are amazing. After smoking one... you will wonder why marijuana is illegal and these aren't.

F) Lets start with my unborn daughter's namesake. I give you... the CZ 2075 Rami. This little sweetheart will no doubt become her mother's preferred carry piece... in .40 of course. Not the decocker and the ability to carry it cocked and locked. The weapon is ridiculously accurate... you know that.. because it says, "CZ" right there on the slide.

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