Monday, August 08, 2011

Time Management

Its 5:30am in Greenville, SC. You need to get to south Alabama as fast as possible. Today we compare riding with flying.

The flight option:

Leaving after 6:00am.. the earliest arrivals in Mobile get there at 10:40. If you only have carry on luggage... you then can find a car... The airport is still another hour away from the destination. Figure 10 minutes to get to your car.

Best Case Arrival Time: 11:50am

The Rapid Transit Authority Option:

At 6:00am you throw a leg over the big BMW RT and roll out. You stop to eat when you're hungry... you stop for gas three times... And you arrive happy and hungry.

Real World Arrival Time: 11:35am.

Total cost for the flight: 286 dollars plus a bonus TSA rape.

Total cost of the ride: 25 bucks in gas... 8 bucks in food.

I have decided to adopt that name for JAC and I...

we are.. The Rapid Transit Authority.

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