Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Should You Listen to Nate?

Well... this is why.

On December 7th... of 2005...  I wrote this... noting that in 2004 gold had dropped to 387... and I had told everyone to buy... not to sell.  Note the prediction at the bottom.

Now.. for those of you who're paying attention... Gold hit 514.00 today and is still climbing. I sincerely hope you listened back then. If you did you made over 100 bucks per ounce... and well.. that fricken rocks.

You would all do well to also note that Vox's predictions are neither this specific, nor this right.

I am very pleased with this... as everything seems to be going along as I predicted... as the feds raise rates... the price of gold goes up. The Crash Protection Team is busy at work... performing miracles and keeping the zombie walking.. but the Real Estate Market that they are using for crutches is having the rug pulled out from under it.

$500 bucks is a nice turn over... but my advice???

Buy more.

$1200 per ounce is coming.

Now...  Today gold is at 1668.00.  I seem to recall some folks calling me crazy for making that prediction back then.  So remember... when you start wondering if you should be listening to ol' Nate on economics...  Nate's got a pretty good track record.



Josh said...

So now you're going to tell us top buy apple stock, right?

Difster said...

Josh, he is going to tell us to buy RIMM.

Nate said...

Actually Apple's having issues for the first time since they released the first ipod. Profits are down for the first time since then... and iPhone 5 sales are dropping considerably.

Rim is a damned good buy right now... but I don't play the stock game and sincerely hope you don't either.

Buy silver.

Susan said...

I think Vox should consult with you before he makes his predictions. He might then have a better record of success.

realmatt said...

People just don't understand.

Bitches, food, weapons, water, shelter, gold, silver, etc...

If they're valued and always have been, stock up. It's that simple.

Lulabelle said...

Heh. I remember that post. And saying to my husband "Nate says...". Good call.