Friday, March 22, 2013

308 recipe

168 gr hpbt
42 gr imr 3031

2700 fps.

This is my standard for mass production. 


Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

.308 Win:

41.5 gr IMR/Hodgdon 4895
168 grn Hornady (or Sierra) BTHP
2.80" COAL

If it won't shoot, and it's not you, you've got a lemon.

I've also had really good results with BL-C2 (which was THE powder formulated for 7.62 NATO).

Giraffe said...


Res Ipsa said...

Giraffe, I gotta ask, why Varget? I know it works and its a little faster, but what made you go this route?

I know that 3031 has been the 308 fav for 30 plus years. I also know that there are better powders now but 3031 has long been the king.

Raggededge said...

What is the goal? To stay above subsonic for as long as possible?

Nate said...

I go with the 3031 because... well... I have it... and generally you can still find it. Plus I find its a versatile powder. Its not the absolute best for 308 or 223... but you can use it for each of them and get decent results.

plus the fact that some newer powders have are in fashion for .308 3031 is more available.

Nate said...

"What is the goal? To stay above subsonic for as long as possible?"

A big heavy bullet... moving as fast as possible.

Giraffe said...

Giraffe, I gotta ask, why Varget?

I actually don't load for .308. But as for why Varget, it is an extreme power so temperature sensitivity is not an issue. I think the burn rate is about optimum.

Res Ipsa said...

I use varget but for 223 not 308. I was wondering what results you got.

3031 4064 are the two traditional 308 and 30-06 powders. They used to be inexpensive too.

Redneck Joe said...

Don't reload .308, but the AR-15 likes 3031.