Friday, March 15, 2013

ATF: Sangria and a Springfield

Howdy boys!  Come on' in y'all...  Its that time again.

Shit hell what a day.  Dadgummed women folk hosting some kind pampered chef party... ol' lady talked me into makin' sangria...

speaking of which...

A:  Sangria.  For now least ways.  Say what ya want.. a bunch of oranges, limes, lemons, nectarines and pineapple thrown in a big ol' batch of Tempranillo...  maybe some brandy and ginger ale...  tough to beat.  Tough to beat.  Don't worry.  It'll be Kentucky Spirit in a few minutes.

T: Everyday smokes.  Obviously I am a dick... because my every day smoke is a Gurkha spec ops.  That said previously I have had others that weren't as extravegant...  there was a spectacular little smoke called Tabantillas.  Holy cow was that a great smoke for the money.  Other favored every day options have included Calos Torano... Arturo Fuente...  and... in desperate times... believe it or not... backwoods smokes.

F: Holy crap.  The Springfield V10 is freaking amazing.  First... it gouts flames.  Literally.  This particular one has a crimson trace laser grip... which... is generally not my thing... but I am seriously enjoying this so far.  Its loud... but its not as loud as folks seem to claim.  The trigger is just amazing.  It eats everything... and...  well... its a 1911.  I don't know much else to say.  if you get a chance to play with one... I highly highly recommend it.  I find double taps are extremely fast with this little weapon. So I am thinking the ports are more effective than folks would have you believe.

Ok...  your turn.  You know the rules.


Raggededge said...

A: So, I needed to take a business trip to Ohio, which normally would be a total waste of a trip. However, this time I'm driving and I know I'll pass right by the Jim Beam distillery. Perfect opportunity to restock the vice cabinet. I pull in and some huge tour is going on at the Stillhouse. Fred Noe is there and he's answering questions from the audience. I'm not paying much attention, I'm just there for some Booker's, Knob Creek and Basil Hayden, however, this asshat is giving advice to the group about how to mix Booker's with Coke. HOLY SHIT! Are you effing kidding me? You are going to buy a $60 bottle of bourbon and mix it with fucking Coke? I hate corporate America with such a fucking passion, it isn't even funny. Everything those pricks touch goes to absolute and total shit. Booker Noe is turning in his grave. Oh, and piling on...Knob Creek Single Barrel tastes like kerosene. Baker's...I'm embarrassed that I ever recommended that every small batch is good bourbon...No wonder Fred is recommending that you mix it with Coke...

T: La Flor Dominicana Habano Perfecto. I have no idea why, I don't know shit about cigars. I went to Smoke & Ale and they recommended this.

F: Holy Shit, ammo is getting ridicously expensive. I have never reloaded before, and I'm guessing I should probably start. I have 100s of pounds of brass. Mostly .223, .40S&W and .45ACP. I need a primer. Nate, you interested in doing a post about reloading?

Flannel Avenger said...

So, I bought an AR lower receiver off a guy at work today. What are y'alls favorite places for buying the pieces to finish it out?

I note that cheaper than dirt is neither cheap these days, nor capable of keeping anything in stock at inflated prices...

SDH said...

A: Guinness.

T: Too cold today, had a couple of Cohibas earlier this week.

F: I'll be picking up a Savage .308 tomorrow; I've already lined up some kit to reload.

Matthew said...

A: Knob Creek

T: Nording's Retriever blend in a pipe by Johs.

F: Yesterday, at his request, I introduced a vegetarian, homeschooling, would-be homesteader to the basic care and function of firearms. Sig P226, an AR-15 in .223, and an AR-10 in .308.

SDH said...

Okay. I've got to learn to read the post before I comment.

Sangria? At this time of day? You Southern boys do things a little different.

My Sangria usually consists of all the crap wine I need to get rid of, plus some Gibson's.

nick said...

A: JD HOney

T: Pipe w/ vanilla

F: XD45 compact

Re: building an AR15 in today's climate... There isn't anybody right now who has build parts in stock at reasonable prices. I've been telling friends to hold off. I would buy (and have bought) from palmetto state armory when they are back in stock.

I'm seeing signs of things starting to ease up so I'd be patient if I were you.

Flannel Avenger said...

It's actually a Palmetto State Armory lower receiver.

Although that answer is sort of what I had feared.


Nate said...

Spikes tactical. Jump their website and sign up for email updates on the recievers.

In a few weeks or a month or so.. you'll get an email that they have some in. When you get that email... buy what you need. DO NOT WAIT. Buy it the second you get the email. YOu wait more than an an hour or so... they'll be sold out.

Raggededge said...

Right now, everything is hard to come by and the prices are ridiculous. Remember, no gun is any good without ammo. That is why I asked Nate about reloading. I'm good for a while, but if you do any kind of shooting you will need to find a source of ammo.

Flannel Avenger said...

Excellent. Thank you

Rus said...

Mmmm letsee:

A: lots of Guinness, always good.

T: A cheap ass Vanilla No. 300. Not too toxic plus it reminds me of my college days.

F: I'm wanting to shoot my first gun again, a Romanian AKM. Cheap and durable, and a blast to shoot.

Res Ipsa said...

"I am thinking the ports are more effective"

That they are. More than they get credit for. The only exception I can think of is low light shooting, which most folks don't do anyway.

Nate said...

well now that's a trade off.. one... you'll probably be seeing spots.

On the other hand... everyone else will be seeing spots too.

And the flame shooting out everywhere will no doubt provide some considerable motivation for folks to reconsider their course of action

Giraffe said...

I'm late to the party.

A. Sam Adams. I suspect Nate Does Not Approve of Yankee beer. But, I have to get rid of it somehow.

T. No.

F. AR-15. I introduced a skunk to a Midway Dogtown 55 grain hp. Apparently the thing needs to be sighted in. Took 3 shots.

F. part two. Had a little fun yesterday after the blizzard subsided by throwing some paintballs out on the snow. Nice reactive targets but tough to hit. .44 SRH.