Friday, May 17, 2013

ATF Show:

Its that time again boys.  You can expect to hear some conspiracy rants tonight...  moon landing.. big foot...  who knows.  Obviously more guns... more booze.

Here is the link.

We go live 9:00pm CST


Raggededge said...

A:There's too much blood in my alcohol system. I plan to rectify with some WT Rare Breed.

T: Nothing tonight, raining again.

F: Good ole Bushmaster.

Outlaw X said...

We didn't land on the Moon and Res kills 50 Coyotes in one day. I mean it don't get no better than this. I thought you were stable Nate, you know level headed.

So when you go down to Res place tell me how many coyotes you killed. You won't get 50 in a month. The guy is a liar. Don't believe me go down and see for yourself.

Nate said...

Outlaw I've known guys to get 100 hogs in a day.

Why not 50 coyotes?

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Buffalo Trace, Yuengling.
T: Cherry almond in the Paronelli.
F: Rock River LAR-8. Only accurate rifles are interesting, as Col. Whelen said.

nordicthunder said...

you are so kicking ass with this show, dear lord, that damn " sammich song" had me in stitches for a few days - and dammit if 6 ain't got half good singing voice wish I had time tonight to chime in but its not an option.
X, it was good to hear you call in, and pray you are getting better, and I had no idea you once posted as EP back in the day, always enjoyed those posts


Matthew said...

A: Llano Shiraz
T: Rocky Patel Decade
F: Daisy Powerline 35

AXCrom said...

I know Cookeville accents. I don't hear that - which voice is Nate's? WTF?

Nate said...

Outlaw... We don't hunt hogs like you hunt hogs.

We lay out traps with bait.

You may find 10 to 30 hogs in a single trap.

I'm not lying.

You go check 5 traps... you kill over 100 hogs. No problem.

rycamor said...

Between you guys and Idle Spectator's idiotic arguments at the end of the logic train thread, I'm starting to really feel like heading south of the border. You know, the whole thing about freedoms is that they more than just laws or the absence thereof... it's how people around you *live*. Americans are tied in knots and they don't even know it.

Nate said...

God that show was fun.

Lana said...

I thought Vidad sounded enough like Medved that it was a bit creepy. Good stuff.

I was, however, disappointed in Outlaw's accent as the description didn't really measure up to the build up. (From last week) If you wanted to here a seriously hilarious accent, West Texas is your best bet.

Nate, your delivery of Outlaw failed mostly because you talk way too fast. Texans prefer to drawl it out. Every one word must have at least 3-5 extra syllables. It's the Texas way.

In happy news, I have practice range ammo for the 9mm, finally, and a new Ruger 380 to try out.

Nate said...

Lana.. I was totally unprepared. I confess my failure.

if I had to do it over.. I would go full boomhaurer..

Nate said...

Outlaw. Come on. You know I'm not lying to you.

What I'm saying is there is probably some kind of communication issue between you and Res. It isn't likely as radical as what I've described but ya never know.

I've never hunted out in Wyoming, so I'm not gonna call him a liar. I mean... he said he shot pistols at 1000 yards.. then he posted pictures of his trophies for doing exactly that. So why doubt him?

Texas ain't wyoming. Maybe they are damned covered up in hogs the way we are covered up in hogs?

Nate said...

Also.. You know we "hunt" at night with night vision and silencers right?

Vidad said...

"I was totally unprepared. I confess my failure."

I had to do it that way so you didn't outshine me.

rycamor said...

By the way... I do have a copy of that original audio somewhere. I will have to do some hard disk archaeology. Honestly, Vidad's over-the-top reading of it was not that over the top. Hilarious.

Nate said...

i thought he was gonna hyper-ventilate like 4 times...

Cheddarman said...


How hard is it to attract hogs into a trap? Given, my experience with flavor chemistry, i might be able to help you.

As an example, you could lay down an aroma trail resembling something they really like, such as apples or acorns, and have it lead to a trap.

leave a post here for me if you are interested in talking about it.

Also, I could call in next episode.



Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...


Some folks are already on the case... but I like the way you're thinking!

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

The thing about trapping hogs is, you will catch the dumb ones. The smart ones stay uncaught, and unlike smart humans, the smart hogs breed just as much as the dumb ones.

A sow will have 3 litters a year, with 6+ shoats per litter. That's a lot of bacon.

If they're persecuted too hard on your spread of land, they will just move. In other words, they are impossible to eradicate or even put a dent in, unless you've got VERY good fences, and/or the help of every neighbor around for 40 miles. They carry some nasty diseases, such as brucellosis. I won't process wild pork without gloves. Even a small pig that's "not quite dead yet" can tear a good sized hole in you when you grab a hold of him. If I didn't brain 'em with my first shot, they get a second pill in the CPU before I even touch them.

cheddarman said...


i looked at those products, i would like to smell some of them and see what kind of aroma they have.

i worked in the petfood industry and have done research and product development in flavor chemistry, and don't think it would be too hard to replicate or do better than any of these products.

i dont think it would be too hard to put together an attractant that is better than any of these, except perhaps the sow in heat product.



cheddarman said...

I read that the favorite food of wild pigs is acorns. Do you guys know any other favorite foods they might enjoy?

It probably would not be too hard to make an artificial acorn flavor. There are plenty of fruit flavors that can be purchased from companies that manufacture flavors.

My guess is that you could lay down a scent trial with one of these flavors, and direct the animals to a trap or an ambush.



Nate said...

Hell... the trouble is... pigs eat anything. Let me ask around what the boys have a lot of success with baiting.

cheddarman said...

Let me know, i have a couple of ideas i can cook up myself that might work.

Vidad said...

This is the way multi-million dollar businesses are born.

cheddarman said...

I was doing some web surfing, below is a recipe for fermented corn for use as bait.

Fermenting the bait makes a lot of sense, you get a lot more aromas/flavors that way. Nuts and acorns will ferment when wet.

You can take liquid from the ferment and use it to lay down a trail to the cage.

The recipe calls for corn, and sugar, You could use other stuff to make a less expensive recipe, such as soybean meal, cow peas, dried distillers grains and molasses instead of sugar.

Molasses is good since it has a sweet aroma.

I know it is used in at least one of the hog baits referenced in the post above.

I would check with a local feed mill and see what is cheapest.

they suggest making it in a clean plastic trash can

150 pounds corn

8 pounds sugar

1 packet yeast

optional ingredients include fruit cool aid packets (strawberry, apple, raspberry)

cover with 4 inches of water, let soak 7-8 days

stir daily with a shovel

this sounds like a recipe for moonshine!

Outlaw X said...

here you go Nate.

Outlaw X said...

Actually put a bunch of corn In a five gallon bucket of water with 2 pounds of sugar, set it out in the heat and let it ferment for a few days and bury it out in the field.

Outlaw X said...

Not the bucket just the fermented corn.

realmatt said...

Nate, I think I found the perfect gun for Vox, at least in name..


he kind of sounds like Vox too.

TOOl is a great band, btw.

Anonymous said...

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Vidad said...

Roughly 258,000 miles from the earth to the moon.

Athor Pel said...

Here in south Texas guys with deer feeders get a crap load of hogs coming to them. If you have a trail camera on the feeder half the images it takes will be hogs, on average. I got a friend that's seeing 80% of all his images at one feeder being hogs. Some folks get tired of having their feeders getting torn up by the hogs and put metal fences around them. The deer just jump over and the hogs go somewhere else.

They can come in pretty big herds, sometimes up to 20 to 30 animals. Assuming multiple shooters, long sight lines and few places for the hogs to hide and you can kill the whole herd in one sitting.

It's not uncommon for serious groups of hog hunters to bag 30 to 40 hogs a night.

For those that don't know, wild hogs are not considered game animals in Texas but pests. There is no season, nor is shooting them restricted to day time.

Using every dirty trick possible is the way to go. So lights, night vision, suppressors, shooting from your vehicle (ground or airborne), dogs, all completely legal.

One last thing about many Texas wild hogs, they taste terrible. Many people that shoot them only eat the young ones and leave all others to rot. Of course this will depend on what part of the state you find your hogs.

cheddarman said...


All of this discussion has given me a potential idea for a business idea related to controlling wild hogs. Could I discuss this with you in a non-public domain?



Athor Pel said...

Some counties in Texas are starting to offer bounties on wild hogs.

thimscool said...

This will be a nice counterpart to your taxidermy and home decorating business...

Nate said...


Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

The sows taste just fine. So do male shoats under a certain size. Mature boars... you had better like "gamey" meat.

Wild pork is definitely not as fatty as storebought pork. From a health standpoint this is not such a bad thing, but from a flavor standpoint it can make your barbecue kinda dry.

Any wild pork needs to be either thoroughly cooked, or kept in a deep freeze at 0 degrees F for 30 days. Even then, I wouldn't risk undercooked wild pork, it's just not worth it.

cheddarman said...

My "hogicide" idea is a day late and dollar short.

There is an effective "hogicide" in the works. In Austrlia, they developed a feed pellet laced with sodium nitrite and a special hopper for feeding wild hogs. It is being field tested now, and seems to work. Kills them quickly and "humanely."

My idea was to kill them with cotton seeds. Cotton seeds contain a chemical called gossypol that is very toxic to hogs.

Wild hogs wont eat cotton seed.
My idea was to take cotton seed, ferment it, and see if the hogs would eat fermented cotton seed. After ingesting enough of it, the hogs would die.

Oh well....

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WaterBoy said...

Nice, I like the way you opened the show with that little comedy skit before getting into the serious firearms and flavor talk.

Keep it up, gents!

Anonymous said...

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Cheddarman said...


I would like to suggest a theme song for you show: "Flirting with Disaster" by Molly Hatchet. They were the best kick ass southern rock band IMO. Skynrd was all around best. IMO, If Molly Hatchet had written a battle anthem for the South, they would have won.

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