Friday, June 21, 2013

ATF: Knives, and Guns, and Booze, and Boobs!

oh my!

Ok I really don't know how we're gonna work boobs into a radio show...  maybe topless sandwich delivery?  What could be better?

I can't fill out any ATF info yet...  but I'm certain bourbon and perhaps tequila will be involved.  I can give a sit rep... Wal-Mart now consistently has AR-15s... one Colt usually around 1500...and one cheaper brand in the 800 buck range. Still no .223 or 9mm...  ammo is still tough to find but the black guns are starting to catch up with demand.  They also are keeping a Beretta Storm Carbine... which is freaking cool.

That's a start.

Local gun shops have plenty of black rifles as well.  Prices are coming back down.

Roll Tide y'all.

Here's the link for the show.

Also... Sorry about the crappy sound quality last week.  Since I'm back to the Land of the Thicket Clearers... I'll be using the Blue Mic again and the sound will be way better.


Vidad said...

We're not gonna have to wear those stupid pink ribbons, are we?

Lana said...

We bought 2 AR's for under 1K at Academy this last month. FYI if y'all are interested. They are Windham Weaponry guns (the Bushmaster guy) and they are very nice so far.

I'd never shot one until this week and they were a dream to shoot. Hardly any recoil and once my husband got them sighted in, even I could put 3 shots inside a half dollar. Unreal!

Giraffe said...

A: pending
T: none
F: Ruger KP95. That is the new one I bought. Fits my hand well and the sights just seem to be lined up already when I point it. Haven't shot it much, because ammo is hard to find and $.50 per round. I bought it thinking it would be mostly for the wife to carry.

We just had a bad thunderstorm roll through and I have shingles and siding laying out in the yard. More projects for the summer.

Nate said...

i feel your pain brother.

Raggededge said...

A:Finishing off the margaritas before I head back to Rocky Top.

T: Marlboro light

F: Steyr M9. Hate to say it, but shooting this 9mm is fun.

Nate said...

finest double action trigger on the planet.

Raggededge said...

The trigger is fantastic. BTW, has all of the 9mm you want. Around 35c per round.

rycamor said...

Nate, you said the only good thing about Bellamy's pledge of allegiance was the "under God" part. Don't you know the irony about that?

Nate said...

sure. Bellamy didn't write it with Under God in it.

Personally I think the ultimate irony is that Bellamy was a socialist that was totally against immigration.

Mr. B.A.D. said...

best show yet in my opinion

rycamor said...

It's additionally ironic since Bellamy was a Baptist minister. The hallmark of leftism is complete inconsistency of thought.

Anonymous said...

Caught the archive. It was a good show, although the Omega-threetini made me feel a little queasy just thinking about it.

A: Elijah Craig bourbon

T: Macanudo Robusto

F: High Standard M109 22

Question: You have a picture of the Gurkha Spec Ops set. Did you buy one? Is it worth it?



Nate said...

Wife got me one for Fathers Day. Dude at the tobacco shop gave her an insane deal on it otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it.

When in doubt...


Flannel Avenger said...

Ok, here's a rant for you...

A list of states where it is illegal to buy a freaking pour spout for your gas can!


It's official, we've lost Virginia to the yankees.

Susan said...

Ok, I am confused. Why would it be illegal to buy a pour spout for your gas can? Isn't it worse to get fuel all over yourself and your vehicle when you try to fill the tank?

Couldn't the spout be kept in storage separately? Would not a funnel kind of do the same thing as a spout, and are they outlawing them?

Excellent rant by the way FA.

SDH said...

@FA, Odd. These are the spouts I use. If you select U.S. or International as your country, they don't show up.

Nate said...

Land of the Free!

Flannel Avenger said...

The EPA decided that California's CARB standards for gas cans should apply to the United States as a whole so now you can't buy a new gas tank without a CARB compliant spout on it.

Apparently, in those states, you can't buy one of the old spouts either.

Although I could be wrong. It could have been the TSA that made that mandate (I just got around to listening to the show from 2 weeks ago last night so you'll have to forgive me for being a little late)

nordicthunder said...

gentlemen ! show is getting better every week, highly entertaining! I d/l the podcast and find it well worth the time. your efforts are appreciated.

to Lana, I have several WW MPC's, and all function very reliably, you and your hubby should be well pleased with that purchase.

here in central "Land of the Large Creek" black rifles are available (Bushmasters $799,{rural king even had a good quanity of them} Carbon fiber lower WW's $659, Colt LE series $1200 and up, my experience mirrors Nates pretty closely.

ammo seems to be more available at guns stores as opposed to discount stores, relatively high priced, but its out there least

allyn71 said...

The guns and ammo situation is similiar here in the wild, wild west but we seem to be about 1 month ahead of you. The things you described in your opening post on gun availability and pricing were the exact same things I noticed in my market about 1.5 months ago.

If that is accurate then about a month from now you will see a slight easing in the ammo availability. We are starting to get stuff consistently but you have to pretty much be there when it is put out. The difference is it is coming in steady.

I have seen some occasions where 5.56 (steel case) and .45 acp have made it to the day after it was stocked before it was gone. I have seen 9mm make it till lunch or so till it was all gone.

A suggestion for the ATF segment, add in a possible sit-rep for guns and ammo in the different regional areas.