Friday, June 07, 2013

ATF Show: CCW Edition

The show tonight is all about concealed carry folks.  Which... lets face it... is a manly art.  How to carry... when to carry... why to carry... what to carry... and how when to use what you're carrying.  That's what we're talking about tonight.

Its Guns and Booze radio.

What could go wrong?

Listen in here at 9 central


Raggededge said...

A: George Dickel No 12. Lots of it.

T: Marlboro light

F: Steyr M40. I carry it in an IWB holster. I know Nate is morally opposed to it, but for me it works the best.

Vidad said...

We need to also talk about implanting firearms directly into our limbs. That's hard core.

Vidad said...

A: I'm out! Looks like coffee again.
T: Rocky Patel again. Mmm.
F: Savage .22

simmy said...

A: a small brewery you've never heard of and hopefully never will. Consistent beers. Switching over to some left over blue moon in the fridge now.
T: camel lights.
F: saving for a 500 right now. thats mostly what i have my mind on.

hopefully nate'll have some chat available tonight.

Outlaw X said...

A: Cough syrup
T: Red Seal
F: Taurus 357, 3" barrel, fluted.

Anonymous said...

A: George Dickel - eh, it's ok

T: Macanudo Maduro

F: Old-school Colt SP1 AR w/Colt 4X scope

C: Carry piece tonight - Colt 1991A1 in stainless - commander size.


Nate said...

hope ya liked the show guys. And if ya learned something... even better.

Nate said...

i was just fucking with Six by the way... I mean Makers is wheat.. but there is still corn in it.

Lana said...

I was having trouble with blogtalkradio, so I couldn't follow exactly what y'all were talking about. I called in once, but you had callers and my question wasn't relevant to the topic. I'll just ask my question here.

Went shooting this past weekend and I couldn't hit anything well. I am out of practice and really need to fix that.

My Dad suggested that I shoot the 22 revolver he gave me this weekend because the ammo is cheap and I can work on improving my shot.

Do y'all think that would work? On the one hand, I hate to shoot any of the 9mm and 380 ammo I have, so I want it to be a good idea. However, my husband isn't sure that's a good idea. He is just starting to shoot pistols though, so we aren't experienced enough to know.

Russ said...

A: Pipe tobacco infused brandy. It'll put hair on your liver.

T: Nothing yet. Probably some pipe tobacco.

F. Glock 19! Just got it from my local armory- first one I've seen on shelves in about a year. This will be my carry piece.

Nate said...

First of all you shouldn't be worried about shooting with one hand. You should be using proper defensive handgun technique. Which is two hands.

Also... I am going to officially disagree with your daddy.

Practice with what you carry.

Nate said...

What are you shooting Lana and which way are you missing? Is it consistantly off one way? LIke is it way high and to the left? Or way low?

Lana said...

I'm constantly low, Nate, because I've apparently developed this habit of jerking the gun down because I'm yanking the trigger instead of pulling it slowly. (Paraphrase of my husband watching me.)

The revolver helped with that, because I was taking a breath, squeezing instead of jerking the trigger. That's why it was my most accurate gun of the day. I was in the circle of the target then, but not where I needed to be. Not good.

Practicing with the pistol will stop me from doing that to some extent I think? But I'm never going to carry it. It's too bulky. Plus, its a .22, and even though it had a barrel that changes out to 22 magnum, I'm not convinced it's anything more than a varmit gun, if that. I'd actually appreciate carry gun advice from all of you. Nothing I've shot aside from the 380 my husband has, is small enough and handy enough to carry. I need better options, or I need to carry the 380.

Outlaw X said...


If you ever hit a yellow jacket nest with a stick you will see what a 380 will do. I don't recommend it for home defense but firing those bullets is like a swarm of yellow jackets and they will die or just run. For home defense I recommend a 357 revolver or a shotgun.

Nate said...

What's really happening isn't about you jerking the trigger. You are recoil sensitive. You're scared of the gun and the kick so at the last second you are pushing the nose down in anticipation of the recoil.

Firing a weapon with light recoil can help with this. The trouble is it can also be totally ineffective because you know its light recoil and as soon as you go back to the other weapon you start the habit all over again.

There are things you can do... 1) get light target loads like wad-cutters. This all but eliminates kick and you will get more comfortable with the trigger pull. 2) Have a trigger job done on the weapon. A long trigger pull is really hard to overcome for someone that is recoil sensitive. 3) shoot a lot more.

What specific firearm are you shooting that is causing this? Not just caliber. Make and model.

paradox said...

If you ever hit a yellow jacket nest with a stick you will see what a 380 will do.

Total BS... While I would rather start with 9mm or greater. A .380 is no weakling. 5 years ago my father-in-law accidently shot himself with a .380 pistol* it severed his right femur, exited and re-entered into his hip. He had to have several pins and the slug is still stuck in his hip. A .380 is in no way equivalent to taking a stick to a bees' nest.

*He dropped it on the floor and it discharged. Never buy an inexpensive firearm from a never heard of company.

Nate said...


Have you ever hit a hornets nest with a stick?

Outlaw is not saying the .380 is ineffective.

quite the opposite.

Lana said...

OK, thanks Nate. I think more practice is the best thing as I did not have this problem, at all, 7-8 years ago when I took the CC class and practiced repeatedly with the 9mm. That's why I'm so baffled. I haven't been doing any arm weight training in 2 years and I did notice that my arms are seriously weak. Could that be a factor as well?

I didn't tell you the make and model of this gun b/c I know you hate it. It's a cheap, knock-off Glock, but it was a gift from my father and it's what he could afford.

My husband already aired his opinion on it, which is much like yours. As I said, he is very, very well read on all weaponry, he just hasn't ever regularly shot handguns. So, he has head knowledge, but no experience knowledge to help me.

However, I can afford whatever I want, so I'll take any suggestions.I just have to be able to find practice ammo for it, which is why I wanted the .22 idea to work. Drat!

The .380 is a Ruger LCP.

Lana said...

Outlaw X,

Thanks. It wouldn't be my primary home defense weapon. I have several shotguns. This is for CCW only at this point.

Nate said...

Get a revolver in any caliber. Have hubby load 4 rounds leaving two random cylinders empty.

When you shoot... focus on the front sight. I'll bet money what you'll see is... when the hammer goes click on the empty chamber... the barrel will dip down because you're flinching.

Once you're aware of it... you should be able to fix it.

Also... anything with a lighter shorter trigger pull will help a lot. A single action handgun will help.

Remember it should always be a surprise when the gun fires. You just gradually increase pressure on the trigger until it breaks You don't squeeze it.

Lana said...

Thanks, Nate. I appreciate the advice.