Saturday, June 08, 2013

Taurus: Carry On.

Because Awesome.


Raggededge said...

Love it. And, I've been real pleased with my PT1911.

Vidad said...

Don't get any vinegar near that gal.

A pH of 9? She'd explode.

Nate said...

PH apparently stands for personal handgun.

so... Vox would be a PH40... and I would be a PH 45, 40, 357. primary, back up, and backup backup.

Anonymous said...
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SDH said...

Nate must be related to Clyde.

cheddarman said...


Not to be anal retentive, but
a pH of 9 is only mildly basic

Vidad said...


I know... I know... it would've been better if she had a pH of 11 or so.

Still - a pH of 9 would kill anything I'd want to grow. And though she might not totally explode, unless constrained, she'd still fizz like crazy in contact with vinegar.

Mina said...

(the sort of on topic part of my post)

One of my FB friends who owns Appaloosa horses, like me, just got a Taurus 9mm for conceal carry and loves it. Oh and I just found out this past weekend that one of my new trail riding friends is a certified NRA instructor and personal protection consultant. Her company is going to be doing the CCW training (16 hours required) here in IL come 4th quarter; I am looking forward to that and to carrying!!

(begin off topic part of post)

I never did send you my "first shooting of AR15" report ... my Windows workstation finally tanked and it's been offline for a while now. I had my notes and your ~email address~ locally on that disk (instead of the network where'd I'd have access to it right now.) BTW - thinking of dual booting between Mint or Ubuntu and Windows when I rebuild it (got a new Gigabyte MB with a quad-core CPU) later this week unless I can figure out how to get Wine to work.

Your "you have have given me mindhurt and feelbad, yes? you are cruel of course" comment reminded me of this form which I thought you'd love to have a copy of:

I'd have sent this to your email address ... sorry for the OT post.

Outlaw X said...

Taurus Flop.

A few year ago I bought a Taurus Ultra Light Nine. It's a 9 shot 22lr with a 2" barrel. Thought it would make a good little car gun. Not so. The hammer spring is wound tight and not adjustable. It is a little difficult for a grown man to pull the hammer back. And if you want to use it double action the hammer hits the rimfire so hard it makes a giant crater causing the brass to expand at the point of impact and on the next shot it hangs because the brass in the cylinder dragging against the body of the gun. It is a complete piece od crap.

I have been meaning to sell it, but if I do it will be to a gun store, I'm not going to lie to people.

Outlaw X said...

Maybe I should just mail it to Jim and see if he can fix it I have tried everything but a file on the body with the cylinder removed..

Nate said...

Taurus has a lifetime warranty. Call them and send it back to them.

They'll fix it.

Outlaw X said...

Excellent point Nate. I never knew that I am a rifle man. I am going to give it to my older brother and have him do it. Then I will let him have it. I remember back in the 80's being with dad found a 4X Leopold scope on the side of a dirt road and it was ruined. I asked him why he wanted it and said they have a life time warranty. Someone must have got pissed and threw it. He sent it off to them and got a brand new replacement. as a 10X scope that is still on my 220 swift. That is the best scope I think I ever had for keeping it's sight.

Matthew said...

Vidad: "And though she might not totally explode, unless constrained, she'd still fizz like crazy in contact with vinegar"

I've been hearing about how vinegar is an incredibly effective test for cervical cancer, but I never realized that the test also served eugenic purposes.