Friday, December 13, 2013

ATF Returns

Hey kids.

Sorry.  Been busy as all hell.

Show starts in a few minutes...  9 central.

here's the link


nordicthunder said...

he lives !! awesomeness is sure to ensue ! i kid, good to see y'all back

Nate said...

gonna leave me to do this alone?


I mean i've got it comin' for not doing the show for two weeks in a row...

but still...


Vidad said...

You need to repent for comparing nectarines to the greatly superior mango before I'll do the show.

And I need a new battery for my phone. I went to call in and it was totally dead, dang it.

NOTE TO SELF: Time to buy a corded phone.

Nate said...

mango's suck.

Nectarines are the only fruit on the planet.

Res Ipsa said...

I'm found of a pair of peaches my self.

A: Brandy
T: Spec Ops
F: I've been tote'n this sig for better than a year now and I like.

Big Bub said...

A: red stripe. y'all don't criticize, it was what i wanted tonight.
T: camel lights
F: i'm sharpening the knives tonight instead, if that's alright.

Nate said...

res.. what do you think of the spec ops?

Vidad said...

A: Gin with a big dash of bitters and a splash of lemon juice, on the rocks.

T: Rocky Patel.

F: Speaking of knife sharpening, just got my K-bar fighting knife back from my brother, sharpened to a razor edge. Wicked.

Nectarines are fine for little girls.

Outlaw X... you're the man.

Right before Nate pulled the plug I was was to call in on my battery, since it'd been charging for 50 minutes... then it was gone.

Out west... that's God's country. I still remember the first time I saw it as a teenager. I couldn't even grasp the open horizon, far-off skies and wild colors. I need to take the family out there in my van. Just drive off into the desert for a month.

Nate said...

one think that I love about the west... you can see whole weather systems.

not like... some clouds. I mean mean... whole systems.

Vidad said...

It looks like eternity. I guess that's the feeling.

I'm very, very tempted to move there.

Nate said...


Country's beautiful.

People are mostly dicks. Particularly by the standards of a southron.

Russ said...

A: Basil Haydens

T: Marco V.

F: M1 Garand.

Zion's Paladin said...

Well hell...only got one outta the three. Still, I think Maker's will do in place of the other two.

Here's to y'all.

Res Ipsa said...


I think it was you that said the Spec Ops was your daily smoke. I can see why.

Its been one of those weeks here in WY. When I got off work tonight I just wanted to relax and forget about working another 13 days straight.

I went out to my shop and fired up the heater, it had snowed again tonight before I got home and I just couldn't bring myself to shovel before bed. I grabbed a beer form the fridge and cig from the case.

The best way to describe the Spec Ops is that it's a good smoke. The fist thing I noticed was the flavor. It's a good smooth tobacco, no frills, solid substantial, with a mild hint of "damn this is going to be good" on the inhale. Like the other Gurkhas I've had its a big honking cigar.

The fist half of the smoke made me think of casting spinners at lily pads for bass on a June evening as the sun was setting.

At first I thought I detected a hit of cinnamon but that passed as I worked my way into the cigar. That passed until I got down to the last quarter and the smoke became hotter. Then I could taste it all the time. It wasn't a sweat cinnamon and it wasn't over powering. It enhanced the overall flavor of the cigar.

I did finally pour myself a brandy, which isn't a normal drink for me. I bought it for the holidays. The cigar brought out the best in the liquor.

I wish I had a Warlord on hand for a back to back smoke. I think that I like the Warlord better, but I wouldn't turn down a Spec Ops. I'm going to enjoy the rest of box.

Good call my friend. Maybe one day I'll get down your way and we can smoke our way through a smaller while catching large mouths. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks to toothy for pointing out the sale.

WaterBoy said...

A: The Balvenie Doublewood. Becoming a favorite.
T: Joya de Nicaragua Antaño
F: Yes

Warmed up into the 40's today, so hot tub tonight. Good for the back.

Nate said...

Res if fishing is your thing... then you can rest assured that I live in paradise.

blue water? yep. bay? yep. about a million square miles of fresh water delta rivers? yep.

and if that's all to much work... then we can just walk down to my private lake and pull brim, bass, and cats out to our hearts content.

Res Ipsa said...


If I get a chance to come down, I will. I've never tried ocean fishing but I'd love to.

Nate said...

I mean you've shot and killed critters that out weigh you by several hundred pounds.

so how about now we go play tug of war with one?

Res Ipsa said...

The biggest fish I every caught was a 30lb salmon. I caught it during a spawning run out of a section of river that wasn't even 50 yards wide. The next biggest fish was maybe 12 or 14 lbs.

I love fishing. I've caught lots of fish. They're just in the under 5 lbs category.

Anonymous said...

A: Lord Chesterfield Yuengling and Blanton's

T: Oliva Nub Maduro

F: The wife's Browning Buck Mark - stainless, octagon bbl, Ultradot Matchdot II scope (she's going to shoot the bullseye league with me after 9 years of asking!)

Glad you like the Special Ops, Res.
If you like those, try a My Uzi Weighs a Ton, too.

Vidad said...


On fishing: name a weekend. I'll show up. My gear is a mess, since I've been too far inland for too long, but I think I might be able to get a pole and tackle together... I miss the ocean.

Nate said...


We go charter. You don't need gear.

Vidad said...

Charter is da bomb.

I used to do that from Port Everglades.

My favorite small catch: trigger fish. Darned best-tasting meat for sushi, even though there's not much on them. People usually would throw them back... not I.

Of course, if I pulled something out of the ocean... I almost always found a way to eat it. Gotta get your buck's worth.

Mmm. Moray.

Let's do something after the holidays.

rycamor said...

Nate, Outlaw...

Loved the talk of traveling out West. Been too long. Painted Desert, Salt River Canyon, Carlsbad caverns...

I remember driving through a wide valley in West TX once, and there was a pole next to the road measuring potential flood level. I believe it was marked at something like 15 feet, and I wasn't even at the bottom. The idea of 15-20 feet of flash flood going through a 2-mile-wide valley, freaked me out.

Also, re: Outlaw's post at Vox's, boy did that come true for me and the wife over the last 3 years. As a single person, you never realize how much of your time you take for granted, until you have a family to take care of. THEN, you never realize how much you take for granted until you have a complete invalid to care for. Thankfully, the worst is over for now, although the stress has definitely left its mark.