Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anti-Gun Senator Makes a Fool of Himself

There is no reason for anyone to have a 30 caliber 30 magazine clip!  We need responsible gun laws banning 30 magazine clips!

Honestly.  Does anyone wonder why it pisses us off when we are asked to sit down at a table and discuss firearms with people that are this damned ignorant?

And what the hell is a ghost gun?  Because... it looks like an m4 to me.  I can tell ya right now the weapon he's holding is already illegal.  If its fully automatic... it requires a very high level of licensing to be legally owned.  Also... given that there is a stock attached.. the barrel is to short.

But of course that doesn't matter right?

These are liberals we're talking about.  As long as they mean well its ok!


Susan said...

The look on the cop's face is priceless! So much stupid on display.

That is a most bizarre looking weapon. Even I can tell that.

Giraffe said...

Wait, does he know that a barrel shroud is " the thing on the shoulder that goes up"?

Susan said...

When I said about so much stupid on display, I meant for the cop to watch eminating from the podium.

Russ said...

Ghost guns need to be banned because they are 100% concealable, never run out of ammo, and can be created with nothing but the imagination.

John Williams said...

At least it has no bayonet lug. He's gotta take some relief in that, doesn't he?

And he seems to be fairly comfortable with the pistol grip on it and it's color. Those don't seem to have him upset.

The bottom line is he's been elected by people who, most likely, agree with him on 30 magazine clips and will vote for him again. How do you fight that?