Friday, January 31, 2014

ATF: Because RAWK!

Yes.  Yes we're doin' a show.  I'm stuffing my face with home made fried seafood as I type.  This takes talent.

A: Amber Bock and Makers

T: Makers cigar.

F: Savange 99 in 308.  Just got home from hunting with it.

Show link!


Big Bub said...


A: Glenfiddich 21
T: New set of burley seeds sitting next to me waiting to get planted.
F: Lost a big business deal today... the toy I had my eye on will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

Late because I had to plow snow...

A: Sam Adams Whitewater IPA, WT Rare Breed

T: Ave Maria torpedo

F: S&W Shield 9mm


rycamor said...

Man... this was a good discussion. Several times I was about to call in but I was sort of listening and working at the same time (don't ask) and every time I got ready to call in you guys would pop over to another topic.

rycamor said...

Music talk:

1. The small part you hummed from New World Symphony is the central tie-in theme in what I think was one of the best Christian albums ever: Terry Scott Taylor's "A Briefing for the Ascent." A work of art, not just a collection of songs.

2. You mentioned Dvorak and jazz/blues, then Stravinsky and the Rites of Spring. Meanwhile, over in Facebook, my guitar buddy Randy Bernsen just happens to post

"Time for some LARGE jazz...
A la Stravinsky - Rite of Spring.....
See you Miami 8pm"

Randy has played with everyone who matters in jazz from Jaco onward. Monster guitarist. Wouldn't suprise me if he has jammed with Gregg Bissonette at some point.

cheddarman said...

Alcohol: a beer to cry in cause i missed the show

Tobacco: an old school marlboro, for my buddy Big Steve that once upon a time was the spittin' image of the marlboro man

Firearms: MG-34 machine gun, cause I'm half german by ancestory