Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Bad News...

You're used to this at this point I suppose.   Yes... you're right...  I am yet again reporting that there will be no ATF show Friday.


Me and my oldest boy, and my best friend, and his boy, are all going on a full weekend hunt on a private hunting club.  I can't adequately describe this place... so instead I'll be posting pictures and generally providing hunting porn.

We do ...  ahem...  aim...  to please.

What we're hunting:  Deer.  Big damned deer.  This isn't the place you go to shoot a meat deer doe.  We're looking for big racks.  Period.

What we're using:

Jeb is shooting a Browning A-Bolt with BOSS.  Black synthetic stock... BOSS... 2.5-10X44 Viper HS optics.  Winchester 115 grain Ballistic Tips.

I'm shooting a Sig .300 Win Mag.  Zeiss glass.  6.5-20X50.  I'm shooting Hornady American Whitetails... 150 grain.

Greg is shooting his raggedy ass... but beloved... Remington 700 in .308.  I think it has Zeiss glass too.  I think he's shooting ballistic tips... 150 grains.

Samuel is shooting his Steyr bolt action 7m-08.  Also Zeiss glass. I think its a 56mm.  He's also shooting ballistic tips.  120 grains.

How we're hunting:  High end shooting houses.  No really.  I wouldn't be surprised if they were heated.

I've never gotten to do this kind of over night hunt before... and I've got to say I am stoked.    I'll tell ya right now... my worry is pretty simple.  When that big 12 point walks out...  I have to figure out a way to keep my crap together and let Jeb shoot him.

As great as this is gonna be... its not about me.  Its about Jeb and Samuel.

That said... if a couple of 8 points are standing in front of us...  We are probably gonna try a simultaneous shot.  Don't get me wrong.  Priority One is to get Jeb a badass buck to mount.


Just because its the first priority... don't mean its the only priority.


Res Ipsa said...

Good luck!

Outlaw X said...

Me and my oldest boy, and my best friend, and his boy, are all going on a full weekend hunt on a private hunting club.

Yo are doing Gods work, taking your Boy out and spendin time with him don't worry about the show. Good on you.

Did you buy a Vortex scope, after all that is the media term for artic cold fronts? Hope it isn't too cold dress warm and make sure to remember to tell your oldest how to breath before shooting.

You have a good time and don't do the Red Dawn thing with him :). May you have a safe trip.

cheddarman said...

Praying to the Lord of the Hunt for your success,



(you should have outlaw -x stand outside and look in your general direction right before you go out, and then recite the Lord's prayer in Latin,and make a sign of the Cross, that would probably get ya a 12 pointer)



Anonymous said...

Hope you both get nice ones.

I will still be drinking and smoking tonight, as that is my normal schedule.

Any chance of an Six/Outlaw show tonight?


PS - Howdy cheds, Outlaw and Res.

Giraffe said...

Sounds like fun.

There better be some pictures.

Giraffe said...

Our deer are starting to lose antlers.

Spacebunny said...

While I am thrilled that you are Jeb are going hunting and I'm sure you will have an awesome time- I am laughing at your excitement about a measly 8 pointer. Seriously? I can see why Jeb would be excited, but up north, my uncles wouldn't bother mounting anything so small. It's respectable, but nothing to get excited about.

Nate said...

Everything is different down here SB. Very few hardwoods... almost all pine... very little protein for the deer.

We do get big 12 points... but a big 10 or 12 down here is about like what you think of a small 8.

cheddarman said...

spacebunny, how many points on Vox' rack? I am guessing 16.



Giraffe said...

Everything is different down here SB. Very few hardwoods... almost all pine... very little protein for the deer.

We do get big 12 points... but a big 10 or 12 down here is about like what you think of a small 8.

It's all relative. When the biggest deer in your woods is 125", you probably get just as excited about shooting him as the guy shooting a 190" in Iowa.

Kiwi the Geek said...

Have fun Nate -- Those shooting houses sound wonderful, but I still prefer the meat over the rack any day.

OT: I'm in a FB discussion of Lincoln, with a man I really thought was more rational. (He probably thought I was nicer, til I linked to a "hateful" article!) I wonder, is there a balanced biography of Abe Lincoln, one that both Yankees and Southrons would have to admit is completely honest? Or maybe that's impossible...

Vidad said...

"I am laughing at your excitement about a measly 8 pointer."

Even the great John Calvin only had five points.

A: None. Ran out.
T: Homemade snuff. ACHOO!
F: Machete

Anonymous said...

A: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

T: Man O War

F: Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag

Vidad, I occasionally imbibe in nasal snuff. I bought a bunch when I quit smoking cigarettes (8-9 years ago). Keep it in the freezer.

I used to buy it at Mars Cigars online, but come to find out now that Prezero sign some BS to protect the kids. The UK stuff is the best. You cannot buy nasal snuff in the US online anymore.



Outlaw X said...

Outlaw X. Patron Saint of killing shit.

Now that tickled me.

I do see hunting as a spiritual thing, many would call that barbaric. It's not. When hunting deer I walked about and looked for rubs and where they were bedding down. Then found a good place and waited and waited and waited. I never used a mechanical feeder on a timer that to me wasn't hunting.

I would look for a lot of browse and edge cover at green growing wheat fields. I only used a deer stand once because it was so damn cold in 1983, that morning it was 2 degrees F and the wind was blowing.

As far as hogs go it is much easier they are creatures of habit and follow the same trail on their way to tear the crap out of your crops, just get in the middle of it and wait. But there is no cheating on hogs though, but I like to hunt, not bait.

Outlaw X said...

i am guessing you already have enough miracles.

It only takes two. I already achieved them.

I did once only eat one Lays potato chip and figured out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll lollipop.

Res Ipsa said...


My experience is that southern deer are smaller than Midwestern deer, but the bass are bigger. Props for mocking Nate.


When you get back send me an email and I'll forward you a link to an elk hunt that you and the boys might enjoy.

Spacebunny said...

I just couldn't let that opportunity pass ;)

I'm sure the boys are having an awesome time and I hope that they had a very successful hunt!

cheddarman said...

And the results are.....

Res Ipsa said...

And the results are.....

Spacebunny wins every time. Was there any doubt?

Outlaw X said...


I was watching the ten pm news here in Ft Worth and a couple was driving home and saw from miles away it fall near their place. Ha!

Anyway on the local news they went out and looked for it a few little pieces found from miles away. I looked at it it was welding slag. Why do people do such things.

I mean this guy had thirteen inch shotguns for fore arms why lie about it?

Outlaw X said...

One other thing Nate. Why would they lie about it, it was so obvious and the reporters had not a clue. A meteor did fall over North Texas, but anyone who knows anything about meteors knows it wasn't, it was welding slag. Did they think they could fools a scientist? Well they fooled the news media and their editors.

People are fools.

Outlaw X said...

Here is the story.

Susan said...

So Nate, the forecast is for either several inches of snow or some ice down your way. As far South as Mobile. I hope you and Dr. Who are prepared.

I know I should not joke, but the only area of the Country right now where there hasn't been a drop of nasty weather is the West Coast. We have rain and we are up in the high 40's. Usual for this time of year. I keep waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.