Friday, January 17, 2014

The Triumphant Return!!!!

Of the ATF Show.

Yes yes yes... we're back we're back.  Your lives are no longer pointless.  Your dreams have all come true.  At long last... you can listen to Six and I drink and smoke and mock those that need mocking... and eat on air.

We'll be covering lots of SHOT stuff this week... lots of gun stuff.  So if guns aren't your thing...

Oh who am I kidding....

Anyway!  We go!

A:  Makers.  Because Makers.

T: Old Standby.  Ghurka.  Spec Ops.

F: Browning A-bolt.  25 WSSM.  Boss and everything.

Here's the link.  Y'all come.


Vidad said...

A: Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon
T: Gonna pick out one for the show... probably Romeo y Julieta 60 ring.
F: I want a new one so bad.

Raggededge said...

A: George Dickel No. 12

T: Balls cold outside, no go.

F: Picked up a single shot Sears. 410 at and auction. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Late again.

A: Blanton's

T: Oliva Master Blend 3

F: Glock 21C

Just FYI, you must pull the trigger on a Glock before you disassemble it.

I triple check before I pull it - chamber and mag-well, both.


Susan said...

I am commenting as a virgin drinker of Maker's Mark tonight. Nice stuff.
Slides down the throat a lot nicer than I thought it would.

Anyway, I am a convert. But I will not give up my Jim Beam green label choice. That stuff is great. (to me)

Vidad said...

Hey... Susan: I sent pictures of my mosaic work to Nate so he can post them. Though he may have decided they're "too Pinterest."

Nate said...

I do love to hear a lady comment on how nicely something slides down her throat...

cheddarman said...

A: cough syrup with 10% alcohol by volume, i have a cold

T: not this week

F: whatever Jesus shoots, per the show

Nate said...

God that was fun.

Anonymous said...

Good show, gents.
You too, cheddarman.

Just FYI, the Oliva Master Blend 3 is a "smoke it down to the nub and be depressed there is no more" cigar. A finger-burner, if you will...


Flannel Avenger said...

Clearly this is how Porky sees himself:

But maybe you can get him to call in if you agree to let him use some kind of voice synthesizer to disguise his true identity.

If Six has Medved, I'm going to guess Karl Rove.

Outlaw X said...

Good Christian music.

Rich Mullins

Outlaw X said...

How can Rush talk three hours and not get tired of hearing himself?

He has a X-Y chromosome quantum entanglement.

Outlaw X said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Outlaw X said...

Ooops wrong link.

Cheds this is for you!

I have been hunting with Jesus, in the quiet of the night and him and his nature and me.

Res Ipsa said...


Ladies are entitled to sip whichever whisky they like.

Res Ipsa said...


How about some pics and the story of last weeks 25 acp?

cheddarman said...

Outlaw X,, thanks for that. Rich Mulins was my favorite musician. I want to hang out with you and him in heaven.



Nate said...

I am seriously regretting put that up there. Turns out there are things you just shouldn't talk about on the internet. You wouldn't believe how much of a pain that little blurb has been. A whole post on it?

No way.

cheddarman said...

Outlaw-X, i have been looking for a church lately, went to one that meets in an american Legion hall this sunday, pastored by an old friend...first song they played was "step by step"...and everyone was welcoming and asked me to come back next sunday...and they occasionally have a piper.. i think i found my church



Outlaw X said...

i think i found my church

Good it is good for a man to find fellowship, hope it works out.

Res Ipsa said...

Turns out there are things you just shouldn't talk about on the internet.

Sorry its been a problem. It seems like the history of something like that would of interest to anyone who likes guns and/or history.

Giraffe said...

How do you like the .25 wssm?

I had intended to build a rifle in 25 wsm, which would be a .300 wsm necked down. I bought a rifle to convert but decided to leave as is. So I don't have one.

Cheddarman said...

Nate, the title of this thread is "The triumphant return"

A triumphant return from a family vacation? A week or two at the beach?

I am surprised no one caught that earlier and gave you some grief!

People of the NATE, We need to up our game! We are not doing a good job as sharpening stones for our leader. (Then again, i figure Outlaw-x probably just read it and smiled to himself)

Then again, Nate, you are an Alpha, kinda like Beowulf, and we are merely retainers, so any return of you to us is, in a way, triumphal, but still, i think i have a point here.

Nate, by the way, you were supposed to give us a collective name, or at least a number of us had requested a name, as I recall.