Friday, March 07, 2014

Back in the Saddle: ATF Show Returns!

Ok kids... its almost show time.   Yes... Six is back... I'm back... we're finally gonna fire this thing back up.  Sorry about being so slack lately... lots going on.

Tonight we're covering mostly current events...  Ukraine... Bitcoin...  and I'm putting in an orchard as we speak so you can you can epect some of that talk as well.

A: Amber Bock now..  Basil Hayden's later.

T: Rockey Patel baby.

F: A whole pile of Ruger 10/22s

Show link!


Vidad said...

A: Campari and Sweet Vermouth with extra Angostura.

T: None today. Too danged cold.

F: My 3SD+ IQ, mofos.

Ralph the Singer said...

A: whiskey, several
T: buglers
F: nothing tonight

Anonymous said...

A: Baker's earlier, New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA presently

T: La Herencia CORE - Highly recommended...

F: Norinco 1911 w/Clark Custom's 460 Rowland conversion - yeah, I know...


Giraffe said...

A: Pendelton
F: Ruger P95

Ralph the Singer said...

The part of the show I was waiting for

bitching about millennials and boomers.

add the whiskey...

nice night.

Raggededge said...

A: Modelo

T: Marlboro

F: Spikes AR

Nate said...

spikes AR.


John Williams said...

If pecan trees are every 40 feet and the patsimmen (persimmon) are Avery 20, it's 4x per acre cause its's twice as many in a row and the rows are twice as close.

Russ said...

What makes Spike's so good? What's the draw there?

Nate said...


Spikes components are the best I've used. I have several ARs. S&W... Colt... ect... but the spikes that I've built are by far my favorites.

Susan said...

Yumm, pecans. I have never found a pecan pie recipe that was very good, but I sure like to use pecans in chocolate chip cookies. So much better than walnuts. Which for some reason give me heartburn.

Nate, can you point me in the direction of a decent pie recipe using pecans?
If you can get hooked into the pipeline, you could probably make some excellent money selling your pecans once the trees start producing good crops.

Susan said...

Almost forgot to ask. Have you abandoned your Maker's Mark for another brand? Or just in the mood for a different taste?
I have seen your Basil's in the store and wondered how it would taste? Would a beginner like it?

Anonymous said...

"I have seen your Basil's in the store and wondered how it would taste? Would a beginner like it?"

You can't go wrong w/any of the Small Batch brands (Basil's, Booker's, Bakeer's or Knob Creek).


rycamor said...

Hey, I'm just an old enough X'er that I actually have programmed in punch cards. Once. First year at University, '83, the undergrads didn't get access to the CRTs. I took a class in Fortran. Main project was to write a program that calculated logarithmic decrement in a vibrating object. And these days? The intro to computing is how to write Microsoft Office macros.

cheddarman said...

A: Blue moon beer
T: kentucky burley pipe tobacco
F: left handed springfield M1A in a 270 remmington, one of my fantasy guns

good show, by the way.

Gotta love those pecans, esacially wheny you pan heat them with some butter and brown sugar

rycamor said...

Yup, pecans are my favourite nut. Buying two trees from our pal Six this week.

Outlaw X said...

For men to send wives on their anniversary.

Outlaw X said...

Fruit trees, 6.5 PH or less, preferably a sandy loam.

Outlaw X said...

I just want to know which dumb ass still uses wood posts other than cured cedar?

Outlaw X said...

A - A glass of chardonnay wine

T - Green Grizzly

F - Trumark Ws-1 Wrist rocket - Ammo 54.5 gr 38 cal. steel ball

Obituary - One dead grackle.

Outlaw X said...

One more thing Nate.

After listening to your show which I usually do. I got something to say. I guess there are loud baby boomers, I might be one because I post on blogs. But as far as X'ers go I stopped to help a guy who I found out ran out of gas. But unfortunately I blocked part of the road and you could get around with slowing down. Then this female X'er pulls up to my right and stops, starts flipping me off and cussing at me. Mom is in the passenger seat and rolled down the window and said stop, don't make him mad.

At this point I was exiting my car with my walking stick and hung over on chemo and radiation And started walking toward her around the car. My mom begged her to leave saying he is going to hurt you. She laughed and said an old man with a cane? I moved toward her SUV and she looked at me and I ordered her out. She suddenly became scared and her friend was saying go, go go. And when I reached three feet from her car she stomped on the gas and zoom. I wasn't going to hurt her physically I was going to hurt her feelings and her non concern for a man with car trouble in front of me.

X 'ers are not silent people they are basically stupid people with an imperious attitude.

millennials are smart in tech dumb in nature and human nature.

black said...

You're a good man, Outlaw. Wish there were more like you around.