Monday, March 10, 2014

At the Range: Winchester .17 HMR vs .17 WSM


So bad.


John Williams said...

I was a bit skeptical, they didn't really make it clear the range to the bottles and those little bullets are infamous for dropping kinetic energy fast. Then I found this.

Hornady didn't have info on it, so I was skeptical, but it's out there if you look. The WSM is a little screamer and it's cheap to shoot too. Or so they say. Is the ammo available?

John Williams said...

With a known history of violence, they should have gotten a restraining order, years ago, or maybe a .17 WSM.

Giraffe said...

Watched that already. I should have my ass kicked, because the same place my uncle bought his 17 wsm has another one and it is at least 30 bucks cheaper than everywhere else. If it isn't sold already.

Moral dilema: My 17 HMR remington is under factory recall. I haven't sent it in because Remington's deal is shit. They want to give me $250 for a gun that I paid $350 for and I got a deal. And then I have to buy a remington gun to acutally use the money. So I would have to spend probably $500 out of my own pocket. And I don't need any more centerfires. This is why I hate Remington now.

I want to sell the thing, but that seems wrong. I could trade it off, but any smart dealer should know it is recalled. I need to sell the thing to pay for my new 17 WSM.

I want to say buyer beware but that is taking advantage of someone elses ignorance to the possible detriment of their safety.

Anonymous said...

17 WSM - Daddy like!!

Suggestion: Kratman, ATF show, dude!

A: New Begium Ranger IPA

T: La Gloria Cubana Serie R

F: Kahr Elite 98

La Toothy Gunhava

Outlaw X said...

ajw308 your first post link is infected with a back door Trojan.

" Then I found this." link. If you are not well protected don't click on it. matter fact don't click on it at all. My security wouldn't even let me open it tank God, and gave an ominous warning. delete that link for now.

Outlaw X said...

I actually drank two glasses of wine today, Wednesday and all actually 1-1/2 glasses. my stomach was upset and a glass of 12.5% chardonnay always fixes it, I am out of wine now and at 15 bucks a bottle I will go on and buy another in the next couple days.