Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I would like to offer the sincerest of congratulations to my co-host Six...  who in fact is no longer Six... and who now must be referred to... as Seven.

God is great indeed.


Giraffe said...

Nice work Vidad. Seven and counting...

Susan said...

Does this mean you are now Viidad? Congrats in any case sir.


When are we going to get a blog post from you regarding how you have changed your mind about having daughters? You always told us how you would be a bad choice to raise daughters. Have you changed your mind yet?
I never agreed with your original contention in any case. A guy who can relate to adult ladies will certainly do just fine when they are young ones.

John Williams said...

I'm truely happy for you and your familty.

cheddarman said...


I could use a fertile wife like that.


and congratulations


WaterBoy said...

Congrats, Vidad!

Susan: "Does this mean you are now Viidad?"


Anonymous said...

That's great, Viidad.


Nate said...


Josh said...

Congrats Vidad and Mrs Vidad!

Huckleberry said...

But don't use this as an excuse to bail on your once-per-week podcast show.

rycamor said...

Viidad--nice. These are the kinds of chicks we have around here.

Wait... I thought clever women hated hanging around such misogynistic gun-waving neanderthals.

mmaier2112 said...

Congrats, Viidad!

Wow... seven. I'm only... seven behind ya!

Noah B. said...

Congratulations Vidad!

Vidad said...

Thank you all very much.

BTW... it's a girl.

Viidad. Awesome.

Call me on Friday... I'm totally co-hosting while puffing a fat cigar.