Friday, April 25, 2014



Is this thing...  IS THIS...


There ya are.  Sorry.  We're late dammit.  I started drinkin'... ummm... a while ago.  Obviously.  And only just realized I hadn't post this tonight.  So here I am.  Posting.  dammit.

A:  Lots.  Holy shit.  What is this?  Its Bourbon!  of course its bourbon you drunk fuck... who am I talking to?  WHAT?  ...  No no.  sorry.  Anyway its Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve and its fantastic.  Bloody hell is it good.  I'm gonna get some more.

T: Man O' War Ruination.  I don't feel ruined.  I feel damned good.  Never the less... that is the name.  We do NOT deduct points for name accuracy.  Its a good cigar. Full bodied... as they say. 6X60... so don't be in a hurry.  Some sweet.. peppery foolishness going on here as well...  also the strange Spartan helmet on the label.  I AM NOT GAY.

F: I want a kukri dammit.  Cold steel makes a couple...  Ontario makes them... and I think you can get them from the factory that makes the for the honest to God Ghurkas.  What?  Knives doesn't start with F?  Fuck you... you racist.  I've been drinking and I want to talk about about Kukris... and why they are fucking awesome.  So piss off!   Who has a kukri?  Cheddar?  Will?  Toothy?  Speak up.  If none of my readers own a Kukri I am gonna be damned disappointed.


Ralph The Singer said...

A: I was very drunk last night with out of town friends. Nursing a shift right now.
T: No, please no. Another night.
F: Kurki are awesome. I've had one on the list for some time. Totally get one.

If you wouldn't mind, Nate. I asked these before but they got lost, no idea if you talked about 'em.

- US bonds, what will happen to them in a deflation vs inflation scenario?
- Is it even remotely possible that a dumb employee could sell names out of the "black book" at some random local big box store?

Giraffe said...

bout time.
A:Deaths door white whiskey. Its... interesting. It was a gift.

F: No Kukri here. 10/22, and my best knife is buck 110 folder.

Res Ipsa said...

Man O' War Ruination

They are good, aren't they?

Nate said...

Res... They are Damned Good. I'm drunk... so I could be imagining it... your testimonial evidence in support of my conclusions is reassuring.

Giraffe said...


That gets less believable the more you say it.

Nate said...


Read the post again. Does this sound like the kind of person you want to take advice from on obscure economic stratergy?

Fuck it. what could it hurt?

US Bonds. Well mate who's going to be buying them? I mean if you were walking down the street and a meth addict walked up to you and offered to sell you an IOU what would you pay him for it? no really! he's good for it. It says "guaranteed" right on it.

Nate said...

"That gets less believable the more you say it."

If you saw the... 300 hundred looking spartan helmet graphic you'd understand... wheeler is somewhere looking at it and masturbating.

Giraffe said...

The question is, would Tad smoke it?

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

I have a kukri.

Nate said...

Giraffe... its already been well established that tad isn't picky about what goes into his mouth.

Nate said...

LUKE! Thank God. What do you have?

Nate said...

for the record...just because I don't have a kukri... don't go getting the idea that I am not a knife guy. I have an extensive collection... ranging from SOG SEAL TEAM ELITEs to Striders.

Waller said...

Do you podcast your show through iTunes?

Russ said...

Bring back the show. I miss the glass slamming.

Res Ipsa said...

I like the Ruination. It's enough of a cigar to give you a buzz on its own. It's at the top of my list of favorites in the full flavored category. Davidoff is probably in the top spot for a mild flavored cigar.

Nate, I know your a Gurka man, but I think the Man of War Ruination tops my favorite Gurka, the Warlord. The Ruination just seems fuller. I'm not disparaging the Warlord, I like it a lot. The Ruination just seems a little better.

FWIW, I believe smoking a cigar is an activity that should take at least an hour. The Ruination is good for at least 1 1/2 smoke and can push 2hrs if you baby it. By baby it, I mean sip more whisky while smoking.

bw said...

Read the post again. Does this sound like the kind of person you want to take advice from on obscure economic stratergy?
Fuck it. what could it hurt?


(24 hr delay)

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA 9%abv
RRA LAR-8...Win 120gr split core HP Muzzle 2860/2200

Outlaw X said...

I broke my krukri a long time ago.

Athor Pel said...

I got one of these.

cheddarman said...


I have always wanted one since i read about the Ghurkas. They remind me of the Scotts. Don't have one though.

I like the roman gladius sword best of all, and the greek dory spear, though i think it should have had a hook for snagging onto shields and armor.



Anonymous said...

I have some blades, some even that size or bigger, but I do not have a Kukri of Ghurka... yet...

(I have several Ghurka cigars in the humi, however).

Yours in Defiance,


cheddarman said...


I like Elvis, he is in many ways, a metaphor for America. Started out good, ended bad.

I read he used to put light bulbs in his swimming pool, and shoot at them, practicing his quick draw

...and he shot more that 1 television set...

I wish i could do that around my domicile, without going to jail.

I looked at a couple of sites on the web about Elvis and his guns, i am sure you have him out numbered in every category, with the possible exception of pimped out weaponry, including ivory handled pistols, and perhaps customized, in terms of jewelry, 45's.

black said...

Condor kukri. Plan to make a kydex sheath someday.

Susan said...

Nate, since you have spent time with him, have you heard anything from JamieR? I hope he is ok and that everything is going well with him. He always adds a lot of fun with his comments and I wish he was commenting on the NBA Sterling issue right now.

Huckleberry said...

He always adds a lot of fun with his comments and I wish he was commenting on the NBA Sterling issue right now

Find him on Facebook.
Beware, though, he mostly posts about soccer and Aussie Rules football.
And 80s R&B.

As to the kukri, I have the 13" Cold Steel, and I love it.
Perfect balance, tough blade and it holds a sharp bevel nicely.

Nate said...

Susan Jamie is good... he's on facebook and twitter a lot.

Daniel said...

I got a book I'm about a quarter of the way through writing that has a Templar priest and his buddies in an RV who use kukris fairly exclusively in laying to rest beloved family zombies. The thing I love about them is you can clear brush in a ravine and still take a 'coon's head off clean if he gets too close to your sandwich.

Then you get a sandwich with a side of 'coon. The kukri's like that goose that lays gold eggs, only even if you are a moron you can't kill a kukri.

Vidad said...

A: All out. Please send more to:

1234 Sad Lane
Boozeless, FL

T: Iron Horse. Good house brand.

F: I bought my brother a Kukri a couple of years ago. He loved it.

Anonymous said...

One left, not a bad price.


cheddarman said...


what is wrong with the Spartans?

I always kick ass when i play them in Rome Total War. What is there not to like about a phalanx threshing Romans/assorted barbarians like so much wheat? I really doubt all that much buggery went on in that culture. I suspect it happened towards the end, and lead to their decline/demise, not their rise.

Giraffe said...

Last weekend I was shooting a buddy's Sprinfield Armory 1911. I liked it a lot better than I did the first time I shot it.