Sunday, January 04, 2015

EDC Gear 2015

Ok guys... when you walk out of the house... there are some things that you always take with you.  What does that gear look like?  Have you ever made a list of those things that you really like to have and have you ever thought about that?

EDC.  Every.  Day.  Carry.

If you had seen me out and about on some random day in 2014... what would I have had on my person at that time?

- Wallet:  We all carry wallets.  Mine is a little more awesome than yours.. because it says Bad Mother Fucker on it.

- Comms: Samsung Galaxy Note 4.   I never go anywhere without this thing.  I need to do a  whole write up on it because it is that cool.  Don't get me wrong... there are things that the Z10 was much better at...but I simply cannot over state the value of the S-Pen.

- Watch: In 2014 it would've been a seiko chronograph but its been thoroughly replaced now with a Samsung Gear 2 Neo.  Love the Gear 2.  slick touch screen... you can actually answer calls through it... and its battery lasts for days.

- multitool:  Leatherman MUT.  Yes... its bigger and heavier than most folks prefer but I love the thing.  another all-time favorite is the Leatherman Wave.  I carry it a lot too.  and toward the end of the year I found myself carrying an old school swiss army knife... I think its the tinkerer model.   No... its not what the cool kids carry and it has not even a hint of tacticool to it... but it is handy as hell. And that counts a lot.

- Sunglasses: I always have a pair of sunglasses.  Always.  I have trouble keeping up with them so I am loathe to spend a ton of money on them though.  So I get the nice stuff for DrWho and I tend to pick up whatever I can find in a pinch that's cheap.  Usually I head straight to the fishing department of a sporting goods store and grab the first pair I can find.  I don't care about color or anything like that.  I wear these things for protection not style... and since they always do double duty as shooting glasses they be the blade style lenses. 

- knife: in 2014 it was definitely the SOG Aegis.  It went everywhere with me.  This Christmas though a Spyderco Delica4 showed up... and I have to admit I have the koolaid poured and am ready to drink.  we'll see.  I love the Aegis... but the Spyderco is finding its way into my pocket more and more.

- CCW:  Steyr M40A1.  Yes... more often than not its still the Steyr on my hip.  Someday my springfield V10 1911 may replace it... but for now I haven't found a holster for it that I am happy with.  Until I do... the Steyr is just to comfortable.  Also there is an extra mag... always have an extra mag.

So that's what I carried last year...  what could change for this year?

Wallet: As much as I love the BMF wallet its just not working for me.  Its to big.  So its probably gonna be moved to a vice cabinet display piece.  I am looking at Maxpedition's CMC... and the SpecOps T.H.E wallets.  I like the SpecOps because there is no velcro.  I hate velcro wallets.

Multitool: I started carrying the swiss army knife just on a lark.. but I really like it.  So now I am probably going to put more thought into exactly which model would work best for me.  So I may keep it or I may replace it with a different model.  We'll see.

Sunglasses: I need to suck it up and put more into these.  I wear them all the time and use them for all kinds of activities.  I am open to suggestions here.  I have been looking at the 5.11 glasses.

Things I am thinking about adding:

- EDC flashlight:  I use the flashlight on my phone all the time.... multiple times per day.  it was fast and easy with the z10 but its a lot more of a pain on the Note 4... so I need to really look at one.  Suggestions are welcome here.  The Thrunight Ti3 is appealing because it uses AAA batteries.  Not a must but something I would prefer.

- Cotton Bandana:  Honeslty there are a thousand things you can use a bandana for... I used to wear one on my wrist every second of the day and I am not gonna lie.. I miss having it.  That said... an 40+ year old man doesn't wear a bandana on is wrist.    Still... nothing says I can't stick on in my pocket.  Its not like they take up any room.

- Pen.   I need some kind of pen. Writing on your phone is nice... but sometimes its about more than just taking a note or leaving a message.  Can't write a check on my phone. 

So that's where I am right now on my EDC gear.   I should say... there are a few things I carry all the time that I have left off this list... because... well...  we all have our secrets.  But this is a good list as far as it goes.

How about you?


Stg58 / Animal Mother said...

Galaxy S4, wallet, keys, Civilian, 1911.

farmer Tom said...

Galaxy G4,

cheap ass clip on sunglasses cause I have to wear my glasses all day every day, I think I broke or lost about 10 of them in the last 5 years,

a Kershaw locking knife, very pleased with it, it lost a screw and I sent it off to them, sent me a new one for free,

John Deere pliers, long handles, use them almost hourly, from temporary hitch pins to pulling nails, twisting wires, they are an essential part of my job,

I do not CC on the farm, to many situations where having it is actually a problem, It is always within a few steps, but, it just isn't practical to carry into the hog houses, or climb the silo, or when scooping corn in a bin.

Matt H said...

Wallet, sunglasses, S4, M@P knife, mini tactical flash light, 1911.

Nate said...

which flash light Matt?

Nate said...

Tom... on the farm I figured it would be more like open carry. doing that kind of work I either have something on the tractor or on my hip.

Raggededge said...

Money Clip - HuMn Wallet
Comms - Blackberry Passport
Knife - SOG Bluto
Sunglasses - Revo's, I refuse to wear cheap sunglasses.
Multitool - Leatherman MUT, keep this in my truck at all times.
CCW - Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm. I carried a Steyr M9A1 most of the year, but I like the size of the XD better for everyday carry.
Flashlight - Thrunite TN12 for the truck, Blackberry for everything else.

Raggededge said...

I had to switch to AT&T and buy it direct from Blackberry, but yes, I have a Passport.

c0pperheaded said...

Flashlight recommendation is the Fenix E01: 1-AAA. Perfect for anything I need it for. Sits in my watch-pocket.

Athor Pel said...

What I have carried in my pocket for the past 30 years is a Victorinox Classic. It does what I need to do.

I can't really carry a large knife on my person at work so I keep one in my book bag which I carry to work every day. Why a book bag? For years it also held quite a few music CDs in a rather large binder.

I recently found a Buck folding knife that I really like. The model number is 770. It's kept in the bag. I really like the locking system and the fact that it really is a one hand opening and closing knife.

I have kept a first model Spyderco Delica in the bag for about 20 years.

I have also kept a Victorinox Officer Suisse in there for about that long as well.

Lastly, bladewise, I have a little hand-made fixed blade skinner made by a gentleman named Dawson. It has G10 laminate or Micarta scales, bead blasted 440C blade and a Kydex sheath. The blade is right at 3/8ths of an inch thick.

Yes, I like knives. I got lots more at home.

I did keep a bright yellow Surefire G2 in the bag but replaced it with a L2 Digital Lunamax a few years back. The technology for flashlights is changing so rapidly I probably need to get something better. I'm thinking seriously about getting a head mounted light because regular flashlights always need a third hand to point them where needed.

I have a Surefire tactical pen that uses Spacepen refills. I could drive over this thing with my truck and it would laugh.

You do not want to know what kind of ancient phone I carry. I only want it to be a phone.

I got an Ipod Classic awhile back and eventually put all my CDs on it. Well, I didn't rip the CDs, I got a lady at work to do that.

Now get off my lawn.

The Leatherman is in the truck, along with some other tools.

Susan said...

Regarding sunglasses Nate, if you are getting to the point in your life that you need to wear glasses, my daughter tells me that prescription sunglasses are great. That way you don't need to mess with changing out your eyewear.

Prescription style also means you can get a little stronger eye protection too vs the glasses that darken in the sunlight when you go outside. Daughter has that now, and she isn't as fond of them as the other.

You should also be able to find unbreakable frames if you are also the kind of guy who likes to sit on them and break them. Spendier initially of course, but if you are buying replacements every other week, the unbreakable frames could pay for themselves.

This was fascinating reading today, from a woman's perspective. You guys probably carry more stuff around with you than we do in most of our purses.

Susan said...

Almost forgot something. Guys, for safety/security sake, do not use any kind of gel ink when you write out the occasional paper checks.

ID thieves can take that check, wash the ink right off and have your bank account info and signature ready to go.
I used to work in a credit union and saw this happen on at least a couple of occasions to members.

Same goes for the eraseable ink too.

c0pperheaded said...

I'm a lurker on here, but you touched on one of my favorite subjects. I would like to hear where people wear their EDC. I've been trying to find ways to wear everything I want without having a Batman-style utility belt.

I'm the safety guy for a harbor service (tugboats) on the Ohio River, so my choices are affected by that. For instance, I wear a life-jacket any time I step out of my office.

- Wallet: Swiss Gear Leather wallet. Nothing fancy.

- Comms: Company issued iPhone6. It stays in my left front pants pocket. It was free.

- Watch: Timex Expedition. Cheap; keeps time

- multitool: Have to have some kind of pliers so: Leatherman Wave. Left hip on belt. Sometimes I'll throw a Gerber Dime in my watchpocket instead of the Wave.

- flashlight: Fenix E-01; 1-AAA, sits in my watchpocket or the bit driver holder on Wave sheath. I also carry a Sipik sk-68 clone in my lifejacket at all times. Bought 6 of them for $4 each on amazon. Very bright for 1-AA, but the clip sucks.

- Sunglasses: Impact resistant company issued glasses. I have to wear these a good chunk of the day so I'm used to them.

- knife: Ontario Rat-1. Back right pocket next to my wallet. Awesome knife. Also have a Milwaukee utility knife (Fastback) with seatbelt cutter in my lifejacket.

- CCW: XD-45; right hip (3:30) in a versacarry. Have to leave it in my desk, because it is a federal offense to have it on our tugs.

- Fire: don't smoke, but I carry a mini bic in my watch pocket.

- Pen: Rite in the Rain All Weather Pen. Necessary because of my job. Works very well with their paper.

WaterBoy said...

Russell Jones: "I've been trying to find ways to wear everything I want without having a Batman-style utility belt."

Cargo pants, if you're permitted to wear whatever you want. Utility vest, otherwise (example).

WaterBoy said...

A better example.

WaterBoy said...


Phone: Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8.1. 'Nuff said.

Wallet: Nylon trifold made in U.S.A. by Rainbow of California in camo with Velcro® closure (though the Velcro® has worn out after nearly 30 years of use). Got this in basic training in 1986; I like to find something that works, and stick with it.

Keyring: Minimalistic generic stainless steel ring with vehicle key and remote only, plus most frequently used membership fobs (grocery, tobacconist, etc). All other extraneous keys are on a single ring in the truck's cupholder, because why EDC anything you don't absolutely use everyday?

Lanyard: High quality, high strength cotton shoestring-type material, 31-inch loop for ideal badge placement and comfort. Younger guys seem to gravitate toward them new-fangled retractable cord lanyards and wear them clipped to their belts...they ignore my warnings that those things have a tendency to jam, or to get pulled out too far and lock up with all that cord hanging out making them look silly. Again, stick to what works best -- neck lanyard, tried and true.

Everything else: Carry As Needed (CAN), not EDC.

Res Ipsa said...

You guys probably carry more stuff around with you than we do in most of our purses.


The variant of female that carries a purse normally packs them pretty full. If you mean we carry more useful/practical stuff, I agree.

Most guys have 4 or five pockets and if they CCW some form of holster rig for that. We just don't have the extra storage space for lots of junk so we have to be particular about how we load up.

Which is why I've downsized to a Sig for carry 6 days a week and stick to a Case bone handled pocket knife. I like a primitive cell phone too, small and durable is more important than having lots of toys.

FT, good to see you around.

Raggededge said...


What kind of Sig?

cheddarman said...


You should carry a piss bottle with you when you leave the house. That way, I (being a natural products chemist of sorts) could extract the "essence of badassness" from your urine, and we could sell it in a diluted form (probably diluted with fine bourbon).

And it is not just about the money. We could save all of the wild rhinos, asian lions and tigers that are endangered species, as they are poached and used for ingredients in Asian folk medicines to enhance male virility.

And, with the tremendous beating the Russian economy has taken at the hand of the banksters, your fellow Uber-Alpha Vladimir Putin might want to have a bottle on hand just for peace of mind. Not that he needs it, but it is there, just in case...

dw said...

Wallet: Simple black leather one, got it from my dad in middle school, and has been with me everyday.

Knife: Cold Steel Night Force. Also from my dad for Christmas. I picked it cause I liked (and still do) Cold Steel, and it's lasted for about 13 years.

Watch: Casio G-Shock black-red. Your arm will feel lighter after you take this thing off. It's damn near indestructible.

Carry: Glock 19. Got it after I got my CCW a couple years ago.

Pen: NASA space pen. It can write under any condition you can think of.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy something. Im looking at getting the new Note though since this one was cheap and is falling apart.

Sun glasses: When I wear them it's either aviators or generic black shades. Nothing fancy.

Fire: Black lighter with a gold cross embossed on it. Had this for eight years and it works well, I always carry this.

Res Ipsa said...


P938. Work makes it impossible to carry a 1911. The sig fits in my pocket and no one has noticed it, including security for the last 3 years.

Breeder said...

Nate, an Ohio State hat is notably missing from your list of EDC items.

Nate said...

Indeed Breeder. You suspect I had forgotten... I assure you... I have not.

Nate said...

now.. how to avoid that batman tool belt...

I'm not the best guy to ask.. because some folks would say I violate the principle. I have a batman toolbelt... there is a gun... mags... multitool.. and who knows what else attached to it.

The best option for avoiding this is cargo pants. if you can't deal with the look.. there are several types of duty pants that look like regular khakis that have all kinds of pockets on them.

My go to option is cargo pants... and a vest with a bunch of pockets on it.

Aquila Aquilonis said...

What? No flask? If you did, which one and what would be in it?

Susan said...


I actually meant no disrespect by my comment. I was genuinely surprised. After 38 years of marriage, my hubby carries no where near the amount of EDC that you guys do. As far as I can tell anyway.

It has been a truly fascinating and instructive read, and I appreciate the peek into the pockets of you fellas.

Would Carhart brand pants give you guys enough pockets? Or are you guys pretty much already utilizing those?

Athor Pel said...

I try to carry as little as possible in my pockets.

Carrying things on my belt is not an option because of my job. Much of my heavy crap is in a bag, which is a black Jansport messenger bag that I bought in 1994. The rest of it stays in the truck.

Keys - I always carry two car keys, one in each front pocket. When younger I seemingly locked my car key in my vehicle on the regular. In exasperation at my own stupidity I decided to solve the problem once and for all. Now two keys, I have never been locked out since.

Sunglasses - I bought some prescription sunglasses a couple years back. I can't help but grin when I wear them. They look like Ray-Ban Wayfarers with lenses as dark as I could get them. Yes, just like Roy Orbison.

Wallets - I have two. Though one is a dedicated card carrier and only carries credit/ATM cards so it's not really a wallet in the strictest sense. The other is a normal wallet with as little in it as I can get away with, it likely needs to be replaced soon because I've worn some holes in it. Both are plain black and from Coach. I've tried others, they fall apart and don't last.

Waterboy mentioned ID badges. I've never liked retractable lanyards on my belt or loops around my neck. In the Air Force I used a clip just like everybody else because we were forced to wear the ID badge at a particular place on our uniform. I worked in SCIFs so not wearing the badge got you arrested.

Now, as a civilian, I keep my company ID/access badge in my shirt pocket, no clip, no clear plastic sleeve, no lanyard. If someone wants to see it I can pull it out. They don't hassle anybody for not keeping it visible even though the rules say you must keep the badge visible while on company property. Any rule not enforced I ignore.

WaterBoy said...

Athor Pel: "In the Air Force I used a clip just like everybody else because we were forced to wear the ID badge at a particular place on our uniform."

As did I originally, but rapidly discovered that things had a tendency to reach out and grab it and remove it from its accustomed position. Hence, the lanyard; you can still clip it to the left breast pocket, but the lanyard still retains it if it falls off for whatever reason.

Happened to me again just last year with a different badge that was not on a lanyard. Found myself unbadged in a restricted area; had to call the SF guys to come escort me back to the gate where I lost it. Could've been a much different result if somebody else had noticed it first.

Different strokes for different folks, but I have no desire to kiss the frozen ground in winter.

Nate said...

I'm not surprised to hear guys carry a lot less than I do. After all... I was prepping 20 years ago... when preppers weren't cool... they were crazy.

WaterBoy said...

Well, that...and office guys' needs (and restrictions) are different than farm guys.

It's not that we don't carry as much on's just that we don't do it every day.

That...and you actually might be crazy.... :)

Ben said...

wallet-i'm a trifold kinda guy i guess. front pocket. always front.

comms-galaxy s5. magpul case. the phone is waterproof and awesome.

keys-on a camp nano biner.

stabs-depends. at work i use constantly abuse and love my leatherman wave. out in the woods i likes my morakniv bushcraft. still looking for an old carbon v recon tanto.

shades-love love love my oakleys. you can put prescription lenses in many of them. they're impact rated. and they are waaay easier to look through-no distortion. they make replacement parts for them. i hate color tint lenses so i like the neutral grey tints they have.
beams-usually widget on my phone. but i like those cheap little cree led flashlights. got mine on amazon, called ultrafire or something. takes aa batteries, 1/2 depending on the size you get. they're bright and cheap (like 4 bucks cheap) so i have a bunch and leave em everywhere. good lord i want a surefire

s40a1 booyah.

don't carry a flask at work. DOT don't like that too much. but i have a little stanley that isn't bad. good for out in the deer stand.

lol cheddarman's piss bottle

Res Ipsa said...


After 38 years of marriage, my hubby carries no where near the amount of EDC that you guys do.

I think its high time you kick it into gear and start buying him some EDC. I'm sure that with his birthday, fathers day and Christmas you could add appreciably to his stash.

A wallet, pocket knife and handgun isn't all that much. My sunglasses are on the dash of my truck. When you consider how available smart phones are its not strange that almost everyone after the boomers generation has one.

jml1911a1 said...

I have carried one of these in my pocket for's not as cool as some others, but it always works, has never leaked like some others I've owned, and I'm able to get refills for it.

ODG said...

Nate, you mentioned the bandana, but have you considered one of these?

I keep one in my back left pocket. It works as a bandana, beanie, sweatband, wristband, and dustmask, among other uses.

They even have one with a skull face on it, should you be interested:

Another thing no one mentioned is the ubiquitous "altoids tin" kit. I keep one in one of my front pockets with a mini SAK, nail clippers, micro flash drive, mini Bic lighter, and earplugs. Keeps them from rattling around.

My EDC is therefore:
FL pocket: keys and altoids tin
FR pocket: gifted black leather wallet, with inexpensive but very bright LED light clipped to pocket.
Watch pocket: Grandpa's pocketknife, either an Old Timer or Barlow, or my Boy Scout knife.
RL pocket: cellphone (Casio G'Zone flip phone from work, which I hate)
RR pocket: aforementioned buff and 3x5 notecard(s).
On belt: Leatherman Surge with spare car key and Space Pen (with Zebra 701 refill - I don't like "space ink")
Wrist: G-Shock. Can't remember the model #, but it's solar with the atomic timekeeping. Awesome watch.

It looks like a lot, but it really isn't. No one can tell I have "loaded pockets".

We can't carry at work or church in my state without permission, thus far not granted, so I don't EDC a pistol, but when I do, it's either IWB right hip at 3:30 or RF pocket carry, which moves the pocket contents around.

ODG said...

Sorry, pen refill is a 301, not 701.

WaterBoy said...

Something for the bourbon aficianados.

Zion's Paladin said...

Wallet - Tumi.

Phone - Galaxy S4 Active

Swiss Army Knife - the Data version

Leatherman Charge

Flashlight - Mini-Mag LED

Knife - Kershaw Tactical Blur, if I remember the name right.

Sunglasses - For the life of me, I don't know what they are called, but they are a fine pair of sunglasses.

Sony Walkman MP3

Nate said...

love the kershaw blur. so easy to carry.

Nate said...

ZP you mean the swiss army knife they call the Cyber tool?

dude that is freakin' cool.

c0pperheaded said...

Speaking of EDC, my oldest son is turning 8 in July. I have promised him that I would let him carry a knife. He owns a Swiss Army Classic that I keep for him that he gets to use under my supervision. I figure he'll own a million tactical-stlye knives in his life, so I wanted to get him a traditional pocket knife like a Case Peanut or a trapper or Stockman style knife. I welcome suggestions.

Zion's Paladin said...

ZP you mean the swiss army knife they call the Cyber tool?

Yep. It's the Cybertool Lite version. Has everything the Cybertool 34 does and adds an LED flashlight with a magnifying lens. It and the Leatherman keep me covered.

Nate said...

Russell... I started my boys off on swiss army knives. On old school folders.. I would just remind you to be cautious... as some lockbacks are just plain to hard for some kid's hands to work.

Nate said...

I need that cybertool... that's badass.


I will never make up my mind on which swiss army knife to carry

c0pperheaded said...

Nate, after thinking about it, you're right about the SAK's. I think I was just excited about buying another knife.

Zion's Paladin said...

I will never make up my mind on which swiss army knife to carry

I had the same trouble when I was browsing through their site. My paranoia had me gravitating towards the Swiss Champ, but I could not honestly conceive of a scenario where I'd need that many tools in my pocket.

So I compromised by putting the Champ in the bug-out bag and picking out the CyberTool as the best mix of tools I might need in a given situation.

Of course, I don't think my paranoia matches yours Nate.

Russ said...


Officer suisse

Fenix e21

Toothy said...

A: Stone IPA
T: MUWAT Baitfish (pressed for time)
F: Ruger 1911 Gov't


0-3 firearms (plus one in the car), depending (no guns at work). Spare mags, speed loaders, depending. Faves - 1911, G19 (yeah, I know), SA XDS 45, 38 5 shot Colt or Smith

Buck 680 w/necklace sheath (very discreet - wear it everywhere except through metal detectors)

Leatherman c55b knife w/bit set (or older variant), I feel naked w/out it - holds a great edge, too.

Cheap pen "stolen" from the Credi Union (they'll give you a handful if you ask).

SOG Multitool (likewise, naked sans SOG)

Streamlight ProTac 2 AA flashlight - Very bright, w/Hi, Lo, and Strobe modes

Full size Bic lighter and inexpensive cigar cutter (the Xicars stay at home)

Samsung Galaxy S5

Tons of keys (3 sets) w/3 remotes

Decent leather wallet my daughter buys me every Christmas

Belt-loop pocket-watch

Occasionally a wristwatch - I like them, but bang them up too much, and the cellphone does the job most days.

Eagerly awaiting the bourbon reviews. I am not averse to free samples if you want a second reviewer...

Toothy said...

Oh, and my prescription tinted glasses. Dammit. I miss my 20-15 vision days...

Stilicho said...

Toothy, what do you mean no guns at work? I thought your work was selling guns...

Toothy said...

Stilicho, there are plenty of guns at the shop, but the shop is fledgling. We all have a day jobs. The goal is to make the shop the primary income source... someday.

There are three of us (brothers), so we need to get much bigger before it can support our families. But, ultimately, that is the goal.

Res Ipsa said...


You'll get there man. Keep doing good work and the public will beat a path to your door.

Leatherwing said...

Phone- Galaxy S3
Wallet- a really thin one I got on Kickstarter. I can't stand a thick wallet
Knife1- Either a Kershaw made Ken Onion Blur, or a Kershaw with Emerson Wave opener
Knife2 - Swiss Army Knife Tinkerer model - was a groomsman gift for a friends wedding 20+ years ago - great as a small multi-tool.
Flashlight-Fenix E15
Cigarette lighter - I don't smoke, but I like to have means of making fire, so i carry a disposable mini bic lighter
Watch-Luminox Blackout

No CCW yet. took the class, need to get paperwork to my sheriff. Once done, my only reasonable pistol is my Beretta 92FS.

Unknown said...

I see you're already leaning that way, but I recommend a T.H.E. wallet. I've used them for about 8-9 years now, getting ready to replace the current with what will be the 3rd I've owned. The only areas that really wear out are the plastic ID windows and the zipper pulls.