Thursday, December 17, 2015

Good Riddance

Oh dear...   It appears Erik Erickson over at Red State is calling it quits.

Try not to shed a tear boys.  I know it will be hard.  However will we go one without a cowardly vagina like Erik out there attacking his own side?

Where will go for idiotic GOP establishment approved articles?

Hell with Red State.

Hell with Erik Erickson.

May he never write another professional word.


Flannel Avenger said...

Don't worry. He'll still be on the radio, and I'm sure Salem communications won't have any trouble finding his clone

Nate said...

Then he got a starbucks and it was all better.

Susan said...

He had a child who was very very sick at one point several years ago. So that could be the reason for the emotional vomiting Ragged.

Didn't he sell his blog, but stayed on in an honorary position?

Raggededge said...


His wife was misdiagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Sad, but at this point, he put that in his post to get shitlib sympathy. That was 9 years ago, his wife and kid are fine. Move on already. You don't go announcing to the world again that you're a pussy, we got that already loud and clear.

Susan said...

Good grief Ragged, I didn't realize it was 9 years ago. I agree, you don't wallow in the gamma. That is for cuckservatives.