Friday, December 25, 2015

ScotteVest Quest Vest

Several years ago we started seeing tech specific gear started showing up on sites like ThinkGeek.  At first they hoodies and such... mostly for kids...  they would have a specific pocket for a cellphone or mp3 player and clips that would hold the cord for your ear buds in place.

I thought this sort of thing was cool but... I'm not an idiot... so I don't wander around with earbuds in all day.  So... imagine my joy when I learned that this type of outerwear has in fact grown up.

Sure the ear bud clips are till there... but now?  Now you have specific power pockets made for you to store your external batteries... and you can route power cords through the lining to the pockets where you keep things like cellphones or tablets.  

Suddenly this is lot more interesting eh?

And not just that but you have weight retention systems in them now to help even the load.  I have been eying these things for a long time.  And what do ya know...  Merry Christmas Nate... DrWho came through ya!

She got me the Q.U.E.S.T. vest by these folks.

The thing has 42 pockets.   And in case you're wondering... none of them are actually labelled for a firearm... but I can assure you... there are lots of places that are perfect for one.  Just as a test I put 2 steyr m40s... 4 extra mags... and a snubby 357 all in the vest.   I still had room for my phone, wallet, keys, 2 knives... a pen... glasses... oh yeah... and a freaking bottle of water.  Just to be a dick I put a laptop in one of the pockets too.

I'll allow... the laptop was over the top.  But it could be done.  That's the bizarre thing.  If I had to walk around with that laptop in there... I could do it.  No big deal.  I wouldn't like doing it all day long.. but you can definately do it.

And the weapons?


This is a very light vest too.

I'm impressed.  I'm gonna do a long term update on it later.  But if you carry a lot of stuff, especially a lot of tech... give these things a look.  They're awesome.


farmer Tom said...

Sounds interesting. Got pics?

Nate said...

the link ain't good enough? What ya want me to model for ya or something? Do you have any idea how ugly I am?