Thursday, December 17, 2015

NWA Was Right

In a just civilization those in charge of keeping the peace are held not to the same standards as everyone else... but to an even higher standard.

Because when they abuse their power the harm they do to the civilization is the kind of thing that undermines whole governments and leads in the extremes to things like civil wars.

We do not live in a just civilization.

Phonesavankh’s namesake son, known by the nickname Bou-Bou, was nearly burned to death in his sleep by a flash-bang grenade hurled into his crib during a 2:00 a.m. no-knock SWAT raid by the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office on their home in Cornelia in May 2014.
The search warrant used to justify that raid was filed by then-Deputy Nikki Austin, who claimed that a “true and reliable informant” had conducted a controlled buy of $50 worth of crystal meth at the home several hours earlier from a potentially dangerous repeat offender named Wanis Thonetheva. The affidavit characterized Thoneteheva as armed and potentially dangerous, and claimed that lookouts had been stationed at the home – elements that supposedly justified a militarized midnight raid on a home where children were known to reside.

This resulted in only one officer being charged with any crime.  And that officer has been acquitted.

To say that law enforcement in the US is out-of-control is the understatement equivalent of hyperbole.  Whatever that is.  Everyone involved with this raid should either be fired or jailed.  Everyone.  From the sheriff all the way down to janitor if necessary.

As long as things like this keep happening...  police will be putting themselves more and more at risk.  The public is not going to stand for this forever.  

Its time to end the War on Drugs people.

Its time to bring an end to the militarization of the police.

Its time to end No Knock Warrants forever.

Every where you look today you see different paths leading to the same place.  Violence.  

It is time for radical measures.   if we don't take radical measures... the violence will take them for us.


Mr. B.A.D. said...

The only cops/ government people who go down are the ones who've pissed off The Party. Otherwise they stick to a strict code of Admit No Wrong and Protect Our Own.

Mr. B.A.D. said...

The only cops/ government people who go down are the ones who've pissed off The Party. Otherwise they stick to a strict code of Admit No Wrong and Protect Our Own.

Sean said...

But Nate, they are the thin blue line between civilization and chaos. And they serve and protect. And they are always there when you need them unless you need them there while the crap is actually hitting the fan. Then you might be screwed.

Nate said...

I need them like a submarine needs a screen door.

Susan said...

I think it is time to crack down on the supposed "reliable informant" as a source. The informant who gave this address as a drug source needs to go down for murder.

When the bait of better terms for anything relating to the informant is involved, said information should be verified by at least 3 other sources.
I mean, that informant wouldn't have incentive to lie now would he??/s

Nate said...

The whole concept of no knock warrants is certifiably evil.

BoysMom said...

This is the sort of thing that makes me glad to be in rural Idaho. The odds of our sheriff, who tells the paper a couple times a year that if we can use a gun we should own one, pulling any nonsense, have got to be just about infinitesimal. Of course, same sheriff, when the shoulder cameras idea hit the news, had to explain to the paper that his deputies have been wearing them for years already. Hardly a surprise he keeps on getting re-elected. Now if only we could vote against the idiots at the newspaper . . .

c0pperheaded said...

And of course, I'm the loon among my friends and family any time I criticize the police.

Agent X said...

shit like this makes me think if people could afford it, there would be a huge market for hitmen