Friday, September 15, 2006


Welcome to the I don't give a damn edition.

The Air Force has come out and recommended that we test our non-lethal weapons on US Citizens before we employ them... after all... we don't want to seem mean to our enemies.

I don't give a damn.

Seriously. I don't. Nothing that happens here suprises me any more. I've largely insulated myself from actually having contact with this society. I have no job. I never directly come in contact with the government in any form. I'm well along my way of severing all ties with the US. My emotional ones were severed years ago. The physical ones aren't far behind.


Because all of this fritting over policy and politics is chasing after the wind. That's why. Ignore it. Ignore them. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for this is the Gift of the Lord. Consern yourself with you and yours. Enjoy your work. Enjoy your life. Because everything else is chasing after the wind.

There is no satisfaction to be had in fretting over the state of the US, or the latest assault on your independence. It is chasing after the wind.

Leave it lay.

Drink with me! Smoke with me! Let us tell grand lies that no one believes but everyone loves to hear! Let us chase the girls, for they were given us for that very thing. Let us fiddle while Rome burns... for burn it will regardless... and the fiddling is enjoyable!

Sing the old songs... Dance the old dances... Drink the finest bourbon... smoke extravagant cigars... Scream at that the top of your lungs for a football team you never played for, at a college you never attended... live and die by the score, for the score is more relevant in your life than the stupidity going on in Washington anyway.

I sit alone in my dark office... with Bookers... and a pipe... with a Kris Kristofferson tune playing a little to quietly... There is joy here friends. Joy which cannot be dampened by some cowards words... or the foolish actions of a fool in a white house... or the idiot ramblings of a ferret with a talk show.

Somwhere there are tall palm trees casting shade over an empty hamock... the breeze is blowing in just so... and that my friends... that is the greatest tragedy of all.

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