Thursday, September 21, 2006

Packing List

Nevermind me... I'm just typing outloud...

Food Stuffs:
1 large summer sausage
1 bag pita bread
1 large block of sharp cheddar cheese
4 cans of Steak and Potatoe soup
3 Ramen cup o' noodles
2 large bags of Jack's Beef Jerky

2 litres Water
1 flask (Gold Medal Jack)
Propane stove
2 bottles of propane
Small mess kit

2 blue jeans
2 dingy white bitch beaters
Much throw away underwear
Much throw away socks

Tool kit
1 front tube
1 spare clutch lever
Kershaw open assist knife
Leatherman Wave
LED flashlight (worn on forehead!)
batteries (AA, AAA, D)
Steyr .40 spare clip

1 pack Backwoods smokes.
(that won't be enough... resupply in As)

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