Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Believe...

I believe the Vols are gonna beat the Gay Tors saturday.

I believe Billy Volek is already a Charger. They just haven't signed the papers because of the game Sunday.

I believe Billy Volek will take the starting job from Phillip Rivers. Look.. when you throw the ball 11 times and run it 48, that says you have no faith in your QB.

I believe Kerry Collins will complete less than 50% of his passes on Sunday, but the Titans still might win.

I believe Alabama needs to work on the right half of their offensive line. They're trouble in paradise.

I believe the only thing more meaningless than the preseason in the NFL are the conclusions drawn after week 1.

I believe LSU vs. Auburn will be the best football game played this weekend on any level.

I believe WVU is wildly over-rated.

I believe I'm 1 - 0 in the VPFL

I believe baseball is lame. Get over it.

I believe the Predators are gonna win the Stanley Cup this year.

I believe Notre Dame is gonna destroy Meechigan.

I believe Tennessee Tech and MTSU play tonight, and I really wanna go... because at one time this was a real gem of a local rivalry. I'm hoping it gets rekindled.

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