Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Only Friend, The End

"Only fight the battles you have already won." - The Art of War

The War on Terror is over. It just hasn't played out yet.

The theatrics in Iraq and Afganistan are trivia. Their outcome is as meaningless as a baseball score. While we fritter and squawk about the Middle East... we ignore the fire burning on our own soil.

The west faces a schizophrenic enemy. Publicly Islam is the Religion of Peace. In their mosques they preach westernized islam... watered down for easy consumption of potential recruits. The real damage is done privately, and usually at the local university.

Go to any muslim student union. You'll find they have devided the meeting into two halves. The first half is the published public meeting time, and most of the meeting will be conducted in English. But you'll note that practically everyone stays when its over. This is when the second half begins, which is actually the real meeting. This section will not be in English and its message will be very different indeed.

And now we see the trap.

We cannot attack the enemy without attacking ourselves. The weak american public will never support the targeting of a muslim student union.. or of a mosque. The fact that the masked bombers are always the same people who're preaching peace at the mosque or student union means nothing. Americans are headline people. That's to much detail for them.

Europe will deal with its muslim problem harshly... violently... and America will have to choose between its beloved politically correct idiology, or the reality of the most violent bloody religion on the planet.

America has lost for the same reason the South lost. It is unwilling to escalate the fight to the level required to win.

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