Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Asshole in a hybrid...

SUV owners take a lot of crap from the jerks on the green left... I thought I'd take this opertunity to point out that there are dicks on that side to.

The other day me and Jeb are at a gas station... just out doing our thing... Just as I'm done filling it up I look behind the Escalade and see this scrawny little Honda hybrid something or other. Up struts this tall skinny veggitarian-looking (you know what I mean when I say that... pale... way to thin... sickly... gaunt... generally creepy and frail) dude says, "Wow did they make you trade in your first born son to fill that up?"

Now why does he have to go and start crap? Who's the insecure one here? The guy fillin' up his truck and minding his own business? Or the guy who thinks he has to remind everyone else how good his gas milage is?

I paused for a second... decided to cut him a tiny amount of slack... and said, "Nah... in fact it was number 3 coming along that made us get it."

There... now... he should've taken the hint right? I bought the big truck because I have a growing family... gas milage didn't enter into the debate at all...

But that's not good enough for dickhead in the hybrid.

"You could put five people in this."

He says that while pointing to a vehicle that is slightly larger than my black sportbike... and one that gets worse milage by the way. I look at it... You couldn't put 5 3 year olds in the thing. Its smaller than a 1973 bug.

"cramming my family into a glorified can of spam with a cordless vacuum motor isn't my idea of a pleasurable experience... and besides... its nice to know that we might actually survive an accident."

"Well! This car has better crash ratings than that tank over there."

"Yeah... its hell on wheels as long as your crashing into a wall at 35 mph. How does it do when it gets squished by one of these going 80? They don't test for that. I aint trading my kid's safety to save a few bucks on gas."

That ended the confrontation... and I walked on inside to grab a coke...

Hybrids my ass. You want to save on gas? Ride a motorcycle.

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