Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UK's Next Coach

11 years ago... a young coach brought a truely pedestrian basketball team to the SEC tournament. As we walked out of the tunnel onto the floor... the fans in the crowd went wild for the young Florida coach... the Kentucky fans. Why? Because Billy loves Kentucky, and Kentucky loves him for it.

Back in 2003... If you recall Florida fans were sick of Billy. They're team had lost in the first round of the NCAA tourny to Sister Mary's School for the Blind and the President of the Univeristy was openly wondering if they'd lost Billy. He was almost convinced that Donovan would leave Florida for some other school.

Those who now say he'd never leave must have really short memories.

Donovan was not my first choice for the job... but he's about everyone else's. That's fine. He's a great coach and it will be a match made in Heaven. Florida will never be able to match UK's offer... because Florida cannot pay Billy more than they pay Urban Meyer. UK has no such limitation.

You watch. UK will offer Donovan a huge deal... something between 3 and 5 million per year... and heads will explode all over America.

Billy Donovan is the next University of Kentucky Basketball coach.

Time to Go Home.

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