Thursday, March 01, 2007

Harley Sucks

Let me show exactly why. The following quote comes directly from a recent online review of the new NIghtster... which is a dolled up Sportster 1200.

"Considering I was riding with two friends, one mounted on a recent-model Japanese 600 and the other a DRZ-400 Supermoto, our group must have looked a tad bit funny, but with my two friends riding a safe and responsible street pace I was able to keep them in sight most of the time on the Nightster " -

Now... Do I need to break that down? Should I reword it?

"My two friends... who were riding bikes with engines one half, and one third the size of mine respectively... could've ridden off and left me in the dust any time they wanted... but they didn't because that would've been childish... even still... I was consistantly bringing up the rear."

Seriously. This Sportster has a 1200cc engine... and yet a glorified dirtbike... with a 400cc engine runs off and leaves it? A jap 600... again... half the displacement... runs off and leaves it? To put this in perspective... imagine a stock pre-73 bug putting out more power than... say... a stock Viper.

That's what we're talking about here. And engine 3 times larger... but so outdated and pathetic... it puts out less torque than a lot of high end lawn mowers. Seriously. Cub Cadet's larger mowers have more powerful engines. How freaking pathetic is that?

Oh.. and to make matters worse???

This is the second fastest motorcycle Harley makes.

It makes me wonder... If John Deere were to start selling modern tractors powered by the old twin from the Model D... how do you think they'd do?

That's exactly what Harley has been doing for the last 50 years.

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