Monday, September 24, 2007

How Bout Dem Titans?

so as I sit here with the shit eatin'est grin you ever saw... I have to wonder... is it bragging to point out that all the players I told you to watch showed up?

Haynesworth dominated the game and single handedly caused the Saints to abandon their rushing attack. Their loan long drive and rushing TD happened when Haynesworth was on the sideline.

Keith Bulluck had a mere 3 interceptions.

Vinny Fuller had a pick 6 of his own.

Antwan Odom didn't have a sack... but he and Tavis Laboy killed their man all night long...

KVB was KVB.

Lendale White was clearly the best running back on the field. Just like he was in the Rose Bowl.

Vince had a great game... and he'll get the headlines... but this victory was all about the Titans Defense. They had a huge game.

As for me?

We're 2-1 going in to a bye. If I'd told you we'd be be 2-1 at the begining of the year... you'd have laughed in my face.

No one is laughing now.

Least of all...

The Saints.

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