Friday, September 21, 2007

The Jena Six

Have any of ya been following this? Let me break it down. Outside of a school there is a tree the students call the "white tree". They call it the white tree because that's where some white kids sit.

Nice to see diversity education is working so well... but I digress.

At any rate... some black students went and asked the principle if they could sit under the tree. He laughed and told them of course they could. So they did.

The next day, some dumbass kid hung a hangman's noose over a branch of the tree. Things went down hill from there.

Irate black students ended up confronting white students... and things got bad. One white kid was beaten and kicked until he was unconscience by those now known as the Jena Six.

So... when you see pictures of the protest... remember what they are protesting.

No one is saying that white kid hit anyone. He didn't. All they are saying is how unfair it is that its only the black kids in jail. Funny... its only the black kids that beat the hell out of someone.

So as usual I ask... what could that white kid have said to justify the beating he took? "Nigger" is just a word. Its use doesn't justify homicide, or aggrevated assault. Ya don't get to kick someone until he's unconscience just because he said something you don't like... no matter how much you don't like it.

It says a lot about relations in America when a stupid tasteless prank, which should've resulted in some parents takin' some boys to the wood shed.... instead resulted in a kid in the hospital, 6 kids facing the real possibility of jail, 5 of which are actually facing attempted murder charges.

Don't dare compare this to Selma. Don't dare invoke the name of Rosa Park. Martin Luther the King would've been discusted by the actions of the Jena Six. But ya know what? All this simmering anger... it needs a spark... like anything else.

This is probably just a glorified fund raiser for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.... but keep in mind... it is possible that its the begining of a big nasty conflict.

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