Friday, September 07, 2007

Nothing New Under the Sun

Frequently these days I here shallow thinkers speak of the possibility of the female rise to power. Some are skeptical, like Fred Reed, and wonder what such a world would be like. Others claim that if a woman were to actually rule the world, there would be all manner of utopian type progress made... less war... better healthcare... better schools... beer trees... everything you can think of.

What all of these people seem to ignore is...

We've had plenty of female world leaders.

We don't need to guess what it would be like. We know. We've seen it. We have history to look to. Lets take for example...

Queen Victoria... She was queen during the apex of British global power... which means... she ruled as much of the world as anyone ever has. And what was her reign like? Was it marked with peace and joy?

No. It was marked by bloody war. Oh certainly there was progress. The Industrial Revolution for example. But there was nothing particularly feminine about Queen Victoria's reign. In fact... it looked largely... like every other riegn... marked with greed and blood.

Throughout history we can find female dictators, queens, and world leaders. They are not unicorns... they are not mythical beings to be dreampt up and fantasized about... It makes me ill to think of all the oatmeal brains out there clasping their hands together envisioning a utopian world under female rule.

Women have been in power before. Ya know what happens?

The same thing that always happens.


And lots of fancy parties.

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