Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If It Don't Say Springfield, Its Just a 1911

A few of y'all have asked me... "Why springfield?"
Well... this is the best answer I have for ya. Read this thread. Yes... its long. Yes... its worth it. Long story short?

Ducati super bike... new Springfield 1911 in a backpack... extremely high speed... backpack comes open... Bad things happen.

See pics:

So... first of all... please note.. the hammer is STILL BACK. The safety is still on. The weapon was dropped on the interstate at over 140mph... and likely got the 18 wheeler treatment... but it did NOT drop the hammer. So what else happened? Our Hapless Hero shipped it back to Springfield Armory.

They charged him 150 bucks... and sent it back to him like this:
There is no other manufacturer that could've, or would've done what Springfield did. By the way... he had it back in a matter of DAYS.
Kimber can kiss my ass.

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