Friday, February 22, 2008

A Question of Timing

Once one has accepted that danger exists... the main question becomes one of risk acceptence and preparedness.

This is the situations I find myself in.

I look around... and I find my family in a very comfortable house... one they love very much... and one they are loathe to leave.

Unfortunately someone has poured 2000 gallons of heat oil all over the the house... and a good friend just walked in with a lighter. Now... we're all confident our friend isn't going to spark it up. But he could...

Now see.. this is enough for me. I'm ready to bail.

My wife and kids love the house though... and its rainy windy and cold outside... and they aren't sure where we'll end up.

So for them its not time...

So what's next?

Well... things get a bit more complicated. We just got a call... and our good family friend has apparently invited someone else to the house... a pyromaniac.

So... Now we're standing in this house... this oh so flamable house... and our good friend has announced that he's going to hand that deadly lighter to a pyromaniac.

Well... are we gonna leave before the nutcase gets the lighter? Or are we gonna high step it out the door with our asses on fire?

That's the question.

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