Monday, February 11, 2008

Sic Semper Tyranus

A man owns a construction business... he parks his dump truck... which he drives daily... in his own driveway... and he is ticketed.

Let me repeat that... He got a ticket for bringing his property to his house.

Speaking as someone who got a ticket for parking on the curb in front of his house... I can tell you... that will piss you off.

By now you know I'm talkin' about the day Cookie went to war with the City Council of Kirland. I suspect some of you are shaking your head... wondering how such a thing could happen... feeling sick about those poor folks that got shot.

I'm not.

A little rebellion is a healthy thing. In fact.. what this country needs is a lot more than a little rebellion. You will never convince me that the folks on that council weren't enjoying screwing over Cookie. They were poking their finger in his eye and laughing about it behind the scenes.

Congress does the same thing.

The Second Amendment is in place as a constant reminder to small-pond tyrants. Its a reminder that says... you can pass any law you want... you can be legally right... and even if the courts consistantly side with you... if you push and push and push... you still may end up dead in the end.

Cookie was a little off... or... he was a lot off. Either way... he was off. The folks in that council room knew it. They knew it... and they kept pushing. Why? Because their power had gone to their heads. They sat up there and pretended to be important because they sat on a suburbian city council.

You can haggle about the details all you want. The end is this: Man felt he was wronged. Man excersized free speach to address the wrong. When that failed... Man sought help from the courts... when that failed... Man took matters into his own hands.

Soap Box... Jury Box... Ammo Box.

Sounds like the proper order to me.

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