Friday, February 01, 2008

Richard Dawkins and And the Apostle Paul

Atheists like to claim that miracles never happen. They're so confident of this they often claim that witnessing a miracle would suffice to cause them to alter their opinions. Lets look at that shall we?

Do miracles really convert?

I suggest that they do not. Consider a hypothetical. Richard Dawkins is driving down the interstate on his way to a big Atheist convention... when Jesus appears before him. The event is so shocking... so undeniably real... that Dawkins not only leaves the Atheist movement... he becomes one of the most powerful and enfluencial christians in the world.

I ask you.... how many atheists would this affect?

I suggest that it would convert precisely 1... Dawkins himself. The others would simply write him off as a sell out.

Consider another hypothetical. A group of atheist scientists seek out to prove God doesn't exist by setting up an experient to call Him out. During said experiment... God appears. The scientists are so terrified... they are struck blind. The recording devices either malfunction or are so awash in light that no images are available.

What would the world wide atheist community say about this? Nothing. They would claim it was a Christian hoax... or a setup. Again... it would mean a lot to the now blind scientists directly involved. But it wouldn't change anything for the Athiests of the world.

See... they continually howl about "proving" God exists... yet they never provide a standard by which proof could be judged. In short... the only thing that would suffice would be a custome ordered individual miracle for each and every one of them.

But why don't they offer these standards of proof?

Because in the end it has nothing to do with doubt.. and everything to do with hate and rebellion. That's why you don't see atheist ranting about how terrible it is for people to believe in Santa Clause or Unicorns. They don't hate Unicorns or even Chris Cringle. They hate God.

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