Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Speaks... Dow Dives...

So... The Muloto Messiah struts out before congress and the nation... He's gonna save us all. He's gonna cure cancer... he's gonna get us universal health care... he's gonna get us birth to cubical education... he's promising every woman her very own obsessed sparkly vampire. You boys hoping for owls and wands are shit out of luck. I mean that would just be irresponsible spending.

Imagine my suprise this morning when the Dow dropped 150 points at the opening bell. Ok well.. you're right.. I wasn't suprised. I was chuckling to myself all day yesterday about how bad the market was going to tank after Obama's excersize.

Obama has attempted to mimic Lincoln in as many ways as possible. I'm starting to think I may not be suprised if his presidency follows Lincolns far more closely than he imagines.

If your ears are open... you've heard what I've heard. Things are stirring folks. I haven't heard this kind of talk since the mid 90's... and this time... there's a crappy economy and a nation of desperate people to feed the anger.

I am inclined to wonder if america's awkward stage is not coming to an end.

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