Friday, February 20, 2009

Wife Worship

Its an odd topic for a friday night... but I want to talk about one of the cancers in our society. It goes down to the very core of what makes human civilization go... the family... and even beyond that to the core of the family... the relationship between man and woman.

I want you to think back to all the stupid romance scenes you've been exposed to. I want you to think about the love songs you've heard. All to often... virtually every single time.. the climax of these angles is a male finally professing his undieing love for a female. The male, always completely humbled... comes to the female and tells her how he would treat her if he had her. He tells how he'd make her breakfast in bed every day... and lists off some specifics about how she would like it. He says how he'd spend every minute trying to show her how much he loves her... in short... he tells her he would worship her.

That is what females grow up hearing that love is. When a man worships a woman... that's love. When a woman worships a man... that's abuse... but lets not get side tracked just yet...

Let's examine just how destructive this model is. Setting aside the fact that it reduces men to useless castrati... it also destroys the family.


Simple. Because if a man is busy worshipping a woman... its impossible for him to worship the Lord. I want you to think back now to the Bible. How exactly do husbands treat their wives there? Its a far cry from what we pound into mushy brains of teenagers in our society.

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