Thursday, February 05, 2009

So Much for the Back Alley Argument

Once again we're faced with a story about an abortionist about to be tried for murder... because he couldn't even competently kill an infant in the prescribed legal manner.

I can't help but notice that the abortionist in question had a restricted medical license...which was being ignored.

Aren't we reliably told that Roe v Wade prevents this kind of thing? Roe supposedly has resulted in clean utopian murder facilities where women can sing Spice Girls songs while murdering infants without uncomfortable emotional entanglements... you know.. like thinking about the fact that its actually a baby.. and not a frog.

Remember as you read the story... the baby that was murdered was 23 weeks old. That's 14 weeks from being term... and kids are born at that gestation every day in hospitals all over the United States. They are growing up to lead normal lives with no complications what-so-ever.

That's not a tadpole. That's a fully formed... still maturing baby.

These murders should hang. All of them.

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