Monday, April 20, 2009

On Secession

Enough is enough. It is time for the People of the South to declare once and for all that they will decide their own fate... for better or worse.

We have the right... no... we have the duty to chart our own course. We have our own distinct culture. We have our own distinct art. We have our own distinct literature and music. We share political and economic views that are incompatible with those of the United States. A Democrat from Georgia is more conservative than a Republican from New York. That's just a plain fact.

Right now... state legislators are fretting over secession... is it constitutional... is it not? What idiots. While they do so... the Federal Government continues to violate the contract with impunity.

Tell me friends... what exactly happens to a contract once its terms are violated?

That contract is null and void.

Allow to ask one question... this is to you folks that believe secession is illegal...

Does the United States have the right to leave the United Nations? More over... if the United States did leave the United Nations... would the UN have the right to invade the US to force its various views upon us?

Of course not. Its ridiculous.

Well... its no more ridiculous than the so-called American Civil War.


Res Ipsa said...

"We have our own distinct culture."

Isn't Britney Spears from LA? Just saying we might not want to lead with the "culture" card.

Succession is both legal and proper. They would have to fight another war to prevent it again.

Nate said...

I disagree... "America's" greatest authors have been from the south. America's greatest architects have been from the south. Same with musicians and songwriters.

Roci said...

You had better do it fast or you won't have a unique culture for long. mexi-guati-hondo-salvadorian culture is quickly moving in everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I won't get into the culture war, because as a New Englander, we've got our share of culture (that has become totally perverted by them city dwellers).

I will say that I support a state's right to secede, though it would be annoying to use a passport just to go on vacation.

Also, I don't think the beloved Virginia would be on your page, so the separation would like a bit different these days.

I will say that the greatest American architect is a northerner.

Nate said...

Maybe.. but Strickland is buried within the walls of his greatest work... which is in Tennessee.

Erik said...

Contracts aren't necessarily null and void because it gets broken. Breaking the terms would simply invoke the Remedy clause should one exist. One does not exist for the Union between the several States so should one party break its terms the other party would be within its rights to object and demand immediate compliance or use that offense to abandon the contract.

Erik said...

As I am looking to relocate fairly soon, I am waiting for a state to declare itself free of this current Union. Barring only a few locations I would truly love to move there.

So the question is, would immigration be open to other Americans? Even if only for a time? If not, would there be potential sponsorships available for us Copperheads?

Nate said...

I think sponsership would be good plan.

Mikesbo said...

So, did you whack my comment? I was the first one to post yesterday evening.